Friday, March 30, 2012

Its a big world out there, but even bigger at your screen.

Its a big world out there, but even bigger at your screen.

"Today, we're so intertwined socially, financially and industrially that suddenly going back to the 1980s would hit the world as hard as a natural disaster, experts say."

Have you ever wondered how many people are using the Internet? What are they doing on the Internet and how do we benefit from it? I have started thinking about it regularly; due to the fact everything I do is on the Internet.
I blog from the internet, I do my research on the internet, I network and email on the internet, I find inspiration from the internet, I communicate on the internet, buy from the internet and I exhibit my work on the internet. What would I do without it? What would you do without it? How would it change you as a person, would it have influenced a change in your courier or interests?

We can all sit on the Internet for hours browsing through loads of websites in our very own house or even out and about shopping, the Internet is endless and there’s no dead end. Books can get boring and only have a specific view point from a few writers, the internet is loaded with everyone from everywhere.

These photos are taken by the Ipad/Iphone and edited by Instagram. Some people hate Instagram but I love it! Its so much fun and I love looking at everyone else's phone photos too. Follow me @frozenvanity for random snap shots of everything. Its an app for Iphones to edit your photos, upload them and also check out other peoples photos.
Everyone is now obsessed with the internet, the amount of times I have heard people say 'How could I live without the internet' lets just say way too many times! The Internet used to only be on computers, now we can actually access it through our mobiles and tablets, no matter where we go. Think about YouTube, it seems like it has been around for decades when in fact it was only created in 2005 and the mobile Internet was only created in 2007 with the IPhone. Its developing quickly and what does the future hold? Who knows?

When I go on holiday the first thing I think of is... 'Will there be Internet connection?' I know sad, but then its natural when I use the Internet literally everyday. However after a few days of not using the Internet, I feel this sense of relief, and I feel liberated. 
Of course we would not die if the Internet was cut off, but I'm sure it would create an outrage. I’ve pretty much been raised up with the Internet, and I am sure a lot of you reading this have too. To be honest it’s all we know, I can’t remember the last time I even went to a library to find information. Why would I? When all the information is in one little compacted screen. I can travel the world, I can see pictures of the world, I can learn about others, I can find out other peoples opinions without even having to leave my chair. It’s quite incredible.

I'm travelling this Monday ALONE for the very first time, but I will still be posting on my blog on Friday's! I wont lie, I'm anxious about travelling but excited too, I shall tell you all about it in next weeks post!

See you next Friday!
Frozen Vanity xox

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