Sunday, January 27, 2013

Too creative to have a 9-5 life.

Too creative to have a 9am-5pm life.

I am exhausted, physically and mentally. The last time I looked at the clock it was 5:00pm. I look now, It is 8:00pm. I must really go to sleep very very soon. It is 11:00pm...Okay I shall sleep at 12:00pm... It is 1:00am and I cannot stop thinking. My thoughts flow, my mind ticks.

Ever felt that before? When thoughts, ideas and imagery just seeps through your mind and you cannot stop it. It is late at night, and all you want to do is sleep, all you want to do is dream and wake up fresh the next morning, but you know it isn't going to happen. You know you are going to wake up even more exhausted, even more grumpier BUT you will smile to your self and get writing and thinking about the ideas that flowed while you sat in bed for hours, plotting, designing, creating, shooting and writing, all from the very comfort of your bed.

I often find my self, exhausted, and deciding to have an early night, but my mind has other plans. I will literally  lay in bed for hours, sometimes I will even be awake at 5am in the morning... Just thinking. Thinking of magical ideas, I still haven't had the chance to pursuit them, but I hope one day...One day the sleepless nights will be worth it.

Here are some images I did for a module called Experimental. It was a response to an exhibition I went too. The feeling of no sense of direction, not knowing where you are and only the imagination could create some sort of refuge.  A porthole into another world for we cannot see what is happening in this world.

See you soon my fellow dreamers.
Frozen Vanity xox

Thursday, January 24, 2013

You were a summer gift.

You were a summer gift. One I will always remember.
You were a summer gift.

As always, have not posted in a while BUT it is because I just have no time for anything else except from university work. My life? I have no life. Well here are a few snap shots in Beijing (as you will see, all on one street) and a little thing I wrote a while ago when I was bored. The original quote by a poet ''You were a summer gift. One I will always treasure.'' but I created my own story. I hope you like it, and I will be sure to post, post, post!
You were a summer gift. One I will always remember. You were the sun on my rainy day. You were the warmth that filled my cold fragile heart. like hot cocoa being poured into a cup that has been sitting on the window ledge on a cold frosty morn.

My birthday was not till 3 months later, but you enlightened me with your sudden presence. My heart at first clenched like a fist of an angry 3 year old, but your words touched me so softly, your words hugged me ever so tightly, your words, unravelled my fingers one by one I would release. My heart opened up like the sky making way for a beautiful rainbow.

You were a summer gift. I was floating up a shore of expectations, swimming in the river of passion. I knew however we would not fall out the arms of lust and dive into the arms of love but those sweet moments were ever so beautiful and I let my heart live each second.

He was my secret escape into another world, I was his too. It was the perfect summer gift. One I will always treasure.

See you SOON, If I have survived the first week of University!
Frozen Vanity xox

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Daily Dose of inspiration.

Daily Dose of inspiration.
Hello my lovely readers,
So I came across these images and absolutely loved them as mens wear is always so classy! I would just love to have those jackets and trousers that match. This shoot was for the GQ style in China and taken by Boris Ovini ,and the models are Raphael and Hans Hatt.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Be a Fashion Superhero.

Be a Fashion Superhero.

Hello to all my lovely readers, It has been a while since I have posted my opinions/ideas on fashion these days.

I have been seeing a lot of people wearing capes lately, and frankly I love them! Especially because I try to dress modestly, and try not to wear such tight clothes, that the cape I felt was just perfect, it is modest and stylish!

I have owned a cape for years and never even worn it, however I took it for a photo shoot and  realised it just looks so elegant and classy! So I have come to the conclusion capes are IN all year round, any colour, any style, any material. I need to purchase some more, I am far too picky so it might take a while to find one I feel is right for me. A lot of places like Zara, Next and most high street stores are selling them as well as online shops like ASOS and Net-a-porter.

This Louis Vuitton cape (grey and black) definitely caught my eye quite a while ago, yet I have never found it anywhere! I guess sold out or something, I really wanted to see it in real.
( Images found on-line)

Capes can be shorter too and look great with tights or skinny jeans, however I prefer the longer ones especially if you are muslim, it is just perfect!
 Men....capes are IN for you too! 
These 2 shots below are from a previous post.

P.s. I hate the new Chanel trainers. All I can say is Ew. Just because it is designer, people will buy it no matter how ridiculous or ugly it is. I mean lets take away the Chanel logo... Would you actually buy them? * Awkward moment as some one nods their head.*

See you soon my soon to be fashion super heroes in capes and NOT in the Chanel trainers.
Frozen Vanity xox

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Instagram shots. Part 2.

Hey everyone, so this is part 2 of the last post.


These 2 shots were for the Qatar National day which is held every December.
And back to University soon.

See you soon!
Frozen Vanity xox