Saturday, September 29, 2012

Natural Corruption.

Natural Corruption.

Hello my lovely readers,

This is a project I just thought of a few hours ago and then decided to create it visually. I guess I will leave it  for you to interoperate the images yourself. I just wrote this in the space of 15 minutes so forgive me if it doesn't sound right.

Natural Corruption.

From the fields of beauty to the dark depths of the city, my emotions are corrupting me. In reflection of colour and depth, lights and crowds, lay the gentle wishes of you and I.

I like you a lot. More than I have ever liked anyone. How can that be when I hate the company of human beings? I do not desire the affection of humans for I have tasted it and been stricken sick. I was stricken sick for several months. It filled me up like a 3 course meal only to regurgitate it later.

I spilt my soul onto the dirty impure land. My soul had been contaminated. My soul was contaminated with distant melancholy memories and the longing for he who could only be seen in my dreams.
I want to feel your emotions within me. Pour your emotions into a cup and let me taste and have a sip.  I swirl your emotions inside my mouth, my taste buds tingling in search for sweet or sour.

I want to know if you will make me sick or revive me. Let me taste you for the corruptions of my own emotions are making me sick.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend! See you soon.

Frozen Vanity xox

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Daily Dose of Inspiration.

Daily Dose of Inspiration.

Steven Klein is one of my favourite photographers out there in the industry right now and has been for a long time! I cannot get enough of the mood he creates in his images and the lighting, it is just breathtaking. The images are always so mysterious and dark with this bluish tint reflecting off the face in a lot of his images. I guess they were going for a Super hero look with all that latex and capes. He shot these images for W featuring Linda Evangelista a model. The stylist in this shoot was Edward Enninful.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hong Kong Day 2.

Day 2 in Hong Kong.

Continuing from Day 2 (Lost in a city of full of heartbreaks)
I had said I would do day 3 but I remembered I had one more thing earlier on day 2!

Hong Kong Day 2.
Woke up and went down for breakfast which was delicious. They had this waffle maker were you would pour in the batter and then turn it upside down and in a few minutes the waffle would be made then eaten dripped with syrup, jam and chocolate. It was scrumptious.

The day started by going to a bird garden where birds would be sold and also old and young owners would bring their birds from home, to let them I guess chat and interact with the other birds. The sun had just fully come out and the sound of the birds twittered away in the background as we meandered our way round all the cages. We past a little stall where the man him self was making the cages and selling them, he gave us a smile as we watched him create the intricate patterns with metal. There was one bird in particular with the most hilarious neck ever since all his feathers had fallen off; he had created a little crowd as we all were curious to see what he would do next. He did little tricks and spoke to us. We all clapped for him and he did a little bow to end the show.

We then went to a nearby street where they sold flowers and all sorts of weird and wonderful plants. I saw an old man with a bouquet of roses and just had to snap him, it was almost as if he just posed for me.
 The man was making birdcages.

I will continue Day 3 soon!
Have a great week!

Frozen Vanity xox

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lost in a city full of heartbreaks.

Day 2 in Hong Kong Continued...

Continuing from Day 2...

It was getting late. Before I arrived to Hong Kong I had researched about it and I came across a picture of the whole of HK city in the evening, I immediately told my dad and said ‘We have to go there! So you need to find out where this location is as soon as possible.’ So he asked around and it turned out to be from the top of a 100 floor building. It was a must, especially at night, where the lights filled the city. It took us exactly 60 seconds in the lift to get to the top of the building and it was a 360degree view.

( I made a new page called Artificial memoirs . I will be posting more of my soliloquies and stories.) Here is one I just made now. Enjoy.

Lost in a city full of heartbreaks. 

‘Hey!! Hey you! Baby!’ I screamed so loud, my mouth reacted before my brain could even establish words into a proper sentence or even at least think twice before I spoke out foolishly. I thought it was him; all those light reflective buildings, flashing bright lights from the car headlights, neon billboards… must have blinded me for a split second for I swear it was him that I saw!

I just stood in the middle of the unfamiliar congested street, like a rabbit frozen with fear on a main road, cars heading straight. I was paralyzed, every inch of my body but my tear ducts seemed to work for the sea began to rise and the river began to flow. I lost my self in the moment; anxiety in the death room engulfed me, I was drowning.

A stampede of people nudging me, barging in to my shoulder blade, some looking at me strangely as if to say get out the way lady! I wanted to move but my legs were tree trunks and I had roots down to the core of the earth.

The rich sweet air was full of love, pass me a gas mask. Eyes fixated on the young couple next to me declaring their love for one and other, the old hunched man and frail woman entangled hands as they slowly walked into the distant lights. No one warned me this city was jammed with love and I couldn’t run away, every street and corner I turned…love was everywhere. How it stabbed me in the heart! And not like a friend who stabbed you once in the back…love looked straight into my eyes and took the knife and stabbed me continuously and violently.

Maybe this city should have been called Paris, or maybe Paris wasn’t really the city of love. Ah, I get it now… this is the city of heartbreaks.

I love no one but you, but you are far far away and I am here alone, lost in a city full of heartbreaks.

We finished the night off at pizza hut and headed back to the hotel to sleep and only to be woken up at 7:00am to head out to an island...

Day 3 of Hong Kong in the next post! See you soon readers!

Frozen Vanity xox