Sunday, March 31, 2013

Long time, no Blog.

Long time, no Blog.

Hello again,

I haven't posted for a while, but these months are always my busy months right before Summer...I also have been wondering about what I really do want to write about on my blog, something beneficial for all, something worth while reading. I shall come to that later on.

For now, some more London photos because I go to London a lot. I recently did a photo-shoot with Waad Designs, an abaya and couture dress line from Qatar. We did the shoot in London and it was hectic and a success too. I cannot wait to show you the images!

I am also currently working on a book for a project I have been doing. It is my first book and hopefully those that see it will love it! The title of the book is "Flower Bombs" and all will be revealed soon. 

I post everyday on Instagram, So If you want to keep up to date with random images, Follow me on instagram. @FrozenVanity

Frozen Vanity xox

Monday, March 4, 2013

Let's talk.

Let's Talk!

Cara Delevingne!

Known for her killer eyebrows and crazy faces.Most popular model at the moment?
I really do think so, she is just this natural 20 year old girl, quirky and fun and just simply looks amazing! 

Her interview for Vogue, you really get to see her personality shine through and it is as natural as it is in her photos.

Well hello Beyonce.

She is on the cover of Spring/Summer issue of‘The Gentlewoman’ and I LOVE! Who knew head shots could look so beautiful? I wish I looked like Beyonce with no make-up or at least hardly any make-up, just flawless!

Jack and Jill.

As always, they take the streets by storm and produce just amazing street style photos! Imagine a world were everyone dressed like this. 

Jennifer Lawrence: New face for Dior.

Jennifer Lawrence, an actress who played the feisty fighter in The hunger games, is now the face for French fashion house's Miss Dior handbag line in March 2013. She will replace actress Mila Kunis, who is currently the face of the range. She recently did the November issue for Vogue. I think she is just so cute and really going to pull off being the new face.
From this...
To this! 

See you soon, I will be uploading some of my own shots soon!
Frozen Vanity xox