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They took away all my food, so now I eat fashion for breakfast. Also, they made me sleepless, but I sleep photography. last thing was they cut off my air, so I have to breathe art. See, my dreams were born around the world and  I was born in my dreams. I am an electric aspiring photographer interested in Fashion and documentary photography with a twist of making one wonder.

I am also interested in social and political issues, religion and woman rights.

I am a big supporter of young talent and aspiring, enthusiastic individuals. 
 I may not have the best camera, or the latest equipment, but real photographers can be handed the worst camera and still produce beauty. It is my ambition to be a real Photographer in the future.
I do not call my self a Photographer, nor will i ever, until i have reached what i think is Success. I still have a long way to go and im still learning every day about photography.

Non of my photos can be used without my permission(only with exception to Tumblr) and my name should not be cropped or erased off.
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Frozen Vanity xox