Monday, August 27, 2012

Hong Kong Day 1 continued...

Hong Kong Day 1 continued...

Hey everyone,

So... we hopped into a taxi and then walked through the busy, humid, light filled streets. The bus tour was great, going through all the streets and seeing Hong Kong at night. We did have to queue for about 15minutes because the bus tour was really popular. They gave us free earphones to put in while someone( a robot) spoke in English thankfully with some kind of German accent too. I raced to the top of the bus and to the front, however every time I stood up to take a shot, I would forget the earphones were still attached to my ears and would occasional be knocked off balance.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!
The weirdest thing ever! A dog in a pram and a dog which is pink and purple!
I arrived at the hotel at around 12:00am with feet aching, back pain and no sense of direction or time, only for a 7:00am wake up call to go down for breakfast….Day 2 continued next time! 

See you soon readers!
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hong Kong Day 1.

Day 1 in Hong Kong.

Hey readers, I am alive barely without proper internet connection. I am currently writing from an ipad which is very annoying. (That was 2 weeks ago). Now I can finally actually click 'publish'.

I arrived in Hong Kong after a long day consisting of sitting on a plane, transferring and waiting around for 15hours. It was 7am as we collected our bags and then gave them to the hotel staff  to take to our hotel because our journey was just beginning despite the lack of sleep and the time difference.
We wanted to make the most of the time in Hong Kong so instead of going back to the hotel and relaxing doing nothing, we decided to go eat breakfast and watch the world go by as little children ran through the water fountain in the middle of the square. The temperature was very warm but we definitely felt the humidity, it reminded me of Qatar. After all that, we headed to the cable car. We were going to take the original cabin but decided to take the crystal cabin which had a glass floor so it was pretty cool. The journey was around 40minutes up to the mountain. The sights from the cable car were breathtaking and in the end we forgot we were even standing on glass!
From there we wondered around looking into the temples decorated with flowers, fruit and amazing art work on the ceilings. On the top of the mountain was a gigantic Buddha but to be honest with you the stairs looked too steep and I felt dizzy to even think about going up them, so I watched from the bottom as people panted and sweated on their way down.  A few people had these incense sticks and they would do some kind of prayer with them and then put them into a cauldron, I wasn't too sure what they were doing but it seemed so peaceful, the smell was lovely throughout the area. At this time I was wearing my loafers which were giving me serious blisters so I couldn't wait to change into some sandals.
By the time we left it was evening so we went to the hotel for a few hours because we had a night bus tour to catch. I changed into some sandals and had a short walk around the neighbor hood only for my sandals to cut in-between my toes so operation emergency to the nearest shop that sold plasters and find some other shoes quickly before heading out to the night life in Hong Kong.  
First McDonald's meal in Hong kong and many more too!
Looking down was awesome.
I really don't know how any one would want to walk up the hill and it was up hill stairs all the way too!
Day 1 in Hong Kong continued will be posted soon!
I would have posted more often but now I am in china and they block everything, twitter, kik, youtube, bbc news, and yes of course blogspot! I am trying my best with VPN to get on to blogspot but it just keeps disconnecting.  I don’t know how anyone can live in china without tearing their hair out with all these blocked websites.

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