Monday, November 19, 2012

The Tube.

Hey everyone,
Here are some random images I took while being on the tube in HK/China and something I wrote.

The Tube.


Midnight vision, heart drumming, Legs running.
I have nowhere to go but I am leaving again…far away from these wretched emotions that fill me up.


I am standing inside the tube now it is getting terribly busy the further I go into the lime light city. I look at everyone on the train wondering where they come from, who they miss, and what they are sorry for. I just want to know their story; I want to know what hurt them, who hurt them and how bad the damage is. I want to know who just had a fight, who just had the happiest day of their life, who is grieving and who is thriving. I want to know what is in the darkest corners of their minds, what is the deepest secret their hiding from the world, the memories that have been buried aside and never to be dug out, the heart ache that left them scarred. I want to know their story.

I want to know who they are texting… are they fighting? Are they planning a meet up for the very first time? Are they getting to know each other? Are they just asking to go buy some milk from the local shop? Are they declaring their love for the very first time… or the last?


I know, I know… I'm escaping from my own reality. Reality, an illusion. Escaping from one’s mind is impossible, yet here I am on a train to know where. Needing to know other humans tragedies to bury my own.

My face, a book of lost hope, my voice, an earthquake. I find a seat and sit down.


The door opens and more passengers get on now. Here I am in the depths of despair. Bitter thoughts accumulating in my mind. I force a smile. A euphemism.


My body in the present. My mind in the future. My mind a shredded novel, chewing gum stuck to a shoe, an agitated bee hive, a child’s drawing,tangled roots beneath soil, a never ending cage.


It is terribly busy now. Bodies colliding, faces merging into the humid windows.


So I sit here on this train, to unravel my mind only to find you hidden beneath it all. My mind is polluted and I cannot breath. I cannot escape.


So I dispelled my words on to paper.


If you want to read it without the image distraction, it is part of my 'Artificial memoirs page.'

See you soon everyone!
Frozen Vanity xox

Monday, November 12, 2012

London Life 2.

London Life 2.

Hey, These are the rest of my images from London then I shall be posting some more of my other work I have been doing lately. With deadlines all the time and no time, I feel my work standard has stooped however this is what it is going to be like in the real world. I understand that first year is of course going to be fast tracking us all to the same standards, but I just want to get stuck into it and create something magnificent! Hopefully soon.

See you soon!
Frozen Vanity xox