Friday, November 9, 2012

London Life 1.

London Life 1.

Hello everyone! Long time... I know. I have been drowning in university work, I just haven't had time at all to just sit and post something. Well I went to London to visit some friends and to just relax and here are a few of my random images. I took my camera out everyday and snapped away. I have been working on various projects and will soon post them up once I have edited and chosen the ones I like. I am just waiting for December to start some personal projects.

Most of the images here are from my Instagram and will post some more in a few days
Q Cafe in Harrods was just lovely... They opened a whole area dedicated to Qatar. I went with my dear friend @_UniqueQueen who I spent the entire 4 days with.
My dear friend @NoorbintM had such a great style, I had to take a few snaps of her while we walked the streets of Knightsbridge.

See you in a few days!
Frozen Vanity xox

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