Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Daily Dose of inspiration.

Daily Dose of inspiration.
4 Models, 3 huskies, 7 Assistants, clothing,makeup,hair & a Photographer.
I thought I would post this up, as I personally thought it was fascinating as I love fashion photography and this exactly what a fashion shoot consists of in the industry. I think what shocked me the most was the before and after photos. So much editing goes into the images yet the images just look so natural! Lovely story told with rich furs and frosty colors. Models Zaya, Min Young, Gwen and Kim Kook play nomadic Mongolian girls, with amazing fur collections. The styling, done by Donald Lawrence, also included touches of crocodile Photographed by Melissa Rodwell for Kurv Magazine.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Work hard, Play hard.

Work hard, Play hard.

So I am sure most of us are stressed out as we all have deadlines to meet and exams to do and pass, the anticipation of summer being so close we just want to get everything over and done with.

‘Work hard, play hard’ is something I’ve gone by this year. I never really understood this when I was younger because to me it was all just about having fun but now I have definitely realised the impact of hard work and the relief and satisfaction of just relaxing and knowing you’ve done your best after working hard.

I have 2 weeks to my deadline and 3weeks till exhibition, and to be honest I am a little nervous due to the fact the year has gone by so fast and now the final photos will be showcased and judged by random people interoperating the images in their own way and either liking or disliking them. I’ve gone through a few struggles this month with the final project such as the weather just continuously raining and all my photos need to be outside, unreliable models and change of ideas just kept my project to halt for a couple of weeks. My camera had actually broke the day before I was going to do my final photos so I had to literally go round all the camera shops the following day trying to buy a new camera, each shop gave the answer “out of stock” to me, but finally we found a shop that had only one camera left and I had to buy it in order to get my final photos done. I bought the Nikon D7000, and honestly I love it! It’s a shame my old camera died but things happen for a reason and the D7000 adds amazing quality and colour to the images.

Last weekend I wanted to test the video out on the camera, because I never had video on my last camera. So I decided to go to the park and take a few tester shots. I made a random video collating all the random videos I took at the park using a 50mm lens. I really loved the high quality and clarity of the videos. I shall be posting it up in a few days once I have finalized it. Here a few photos I took when we shot the video, the photos are unedited except a few done by Instagram since my Photoshop is not working. (Seems everything decides to stop working when I have deadlines).
This weekend I shall take a photo-shoot with the D7000 and hopefully show you all the results next Friday! Good luck to everyone who has exams, deadlines or things to do before the summer! And dont forget work hard, then play hard!

See you next Friday!
Frozen Vanity xox

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daily Dose of Inspiration.

Daily Dose of Inspiration.

Summer is defiantly here!
Harper’s Bazaar has invited Tommy Ton shot a group of fashion photos for the magazine. Tommy Ton one of my favourite photographers and is known for the famous Jack & Jill blog taking snaps of street style and models around the world. His work is featured allot in and These photos he has taken defiantly scream Summer for Harpers Bazaar! I love how natural and un-posed the images look, they just look so elegant without being forced. The outfits are just gorgeous with the bright contrasting colours and the prints that are in right now. It just goes together so effortlessly. Not long left until summer holidays! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

What the heck makes you different?

What the heck makes you different?
"This changes everything. The industry is dead. There has never been a time to be an artist."-Seth Godin

 I keep asking my self the question. What the heck actually makes me different? The world now has come to a point were an artist is not rare, a musician or a fashion designer or a writer is not rare. We come across people like them everyday, all the time.  Once over those types of people had to have something so unique about them, something so intriguing and captivating, something so different to anyone out there. That was real talent I guess.
But now. Anyone can be a fashion designer, a writer, a filmmaker, a musician or photographer. Literally. Technology has advanced so much that once over the only way to become a singer was to go to professionals and pay them to record your voice after years of training, now we have software we can download to our very own laptops and record with a click of a button. Like the Mac laptops are great to record voices and many people are doing that instead of spending so much money in a studio. Film makers had to be rich, had to have enough money to buy all the equipment needed to create a film, but now anyone can be a film maker with gadgets that record at high quality, changeable lenses and cheap prices, anyone can practically record a film. Take the 5D mark II, so many people are now buying this camera and creating amazing high quality films.

We have come to a time were anyone can do anything without specializing in the subject or having a lot of money. Take a look at YouTube and you can see so many singers with so many views, in the end what makes them different to enable them to stand out and get noticed?
Take a look at blogger and Word Press... So many bloggers around, so many writers, but what makes them different to stand out against the rest?
Fashion designers and enthusiasts re blogging and posting fashion photos on their blogs... what makes them different from all the other bloggers who do the same thing?

Here are some of the final images I used for my portfolio to present to universities, and what they judged me on. I hope you like the images. 
'The digital revolution of the last decade has unleashed creativity and talent of people in an unprecedented way, unleashing unlimited creative opportunities. It is now a time were everyone can express them selves so easily and now is defiantly the time to become an artist because allot of true talent has been flooded and drowned in a vast digital ocean of mass culture.'  Its time to stand out because we have technology at our very own finger tips. I still don't know what makes me different but in time I will find out as I progress in my photography since I am still only learning and will hopefully get better by time, dedication and practise.The question is... What the heck makes YOU different? 

See you next Friday everyone and have a wonderful weekend!
Frozen Vanity xox

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daily dose Inspiration.

Daily dose Inspiration.

Karlie Kloss photographed by Mario Sorrenti and styled byGrace Coddington for Vogue US March 2012.
I absolutely love the shapes created by her body in these images, and the vibrant colours jumping out the page! I literally fell in love with these images when I came across them, I am not a big fan of heavy editing, but I personally think in this shoot it works well.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dubai snap shots.

Hey everyone,

As you all know I went to Dubai last week, so I thought I would upload a few of the photos I took. Dubai was gorgeous, but what I really loved the most was the Aquarium and the view from Joe's Cafe overlooking the fountain show and Burj Khalifa literally in front of my eyes. I was going to go right up to the top of Burj Khalifa, however it was sold out for 2days straight so hopefully next time. I went on a little road trip and visited Al Ain and also Abu Dhabi which too were very beautiful. The weather was gorgeous, perfect to go to the water park called Wild Wadi, where I wish I had my camera to take the view from where I was standing when I was queuing for the slide, it was just breath taking.

Here are a few snap shots I took of the beautiful place's I went too.
On the way to Al Ain.
The Aquarium.
Glass bottom boat.
Joe's Cafe
The fountain show.
Burj Khalifa.
I have recently just created a "kik" account, due to a lot of people asking for my Blackberry Pin which I don't give out so I thought the kik account is more convenient. So anyone who has one, add me: FrozenVanity. I have also changed my twitter name to @frozenvanity. Basically my, Twitter,Instagram and Kik is all Frozen Vanity now.

I hope you liked the photos and I shall be posting next Friday as usual so see you then! & don't forget to have a look at the daily dose of inspiration! Have a great weekend!

Frozen Vanity xox

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Daily Dose of Inspiration.

HERMES Exhibition.
Venue 6 Burlington Gardens
Location 6 Burlington Gardens, W1, London, United Kingdom
Date May 08, 2012 at 10:00 – May 27, 2012 at 18:00 . The exhibition will run from May 8 to 27 and entry is free.

Friday, May 4, 2012

It's about the little things too.

It's about the little things too.

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful week. Last weeks post I had said I wasn't going to blog but I came back to UK yesterday therefore I will be blogging this week and I will show you all the random snap shots I took this week in Dubai next Friday! This post is just going to be a short one...
When I do photo shoots, I don't just like taking photos of the posed model and what I planned but, I love taking random photos of behind the scenes too, of the jewellery, or the shoes or the creates an atmosphere to go along with the final photos.