Friday, May 18, 2012

What the heck makes you different?

What the heck makes you different?
"This changes everything. The industry is dead. There has never been a time to be an artist."-Seth Godin

 I keep asking my self the question. What the heck actually makes me different? The world now has come to a point were an artist is not rare, a musician or a fashion designer or a writer is not rare. We come across people like them everyday, all the time.  Once over those types of people had to have something so unique about them, something so intriguing and captivating, something so different to anyone out there. That was real talent I guess.
But now. Anyone can be a fashion designer, a writer, a filmmaker, a musician or photographer. Literally. Technology has advanced so much that once over the only way to become a singer was to go to professionals and pay them to record your voice after years of training, now we have software we can download to our very own laptops and record with a click of a button. Like the Mac laptops are great to record voices and many people are doing that instead of spending so much money in a studio. Film makers had to be rich, had to have enough money to buy all the equipment needed to create a film, but now anyone can be a film maker with gadgets that record at high quality, changeable lenses and cheap prices, anyone can practically record a film. Take the 5D mark II, so many people are now buying this camera and creating amazing high quality films.

We have come to a time were anyone can do anything without specializing in the subject or having a lot of money. Take a look at YouTube and you can see so many singers with so many views, in the end what makes them different to enable them to stand out and get noticed?
Take a look at blogger and Word Press... So many bloggers around, so many writers, but what makes them different to stand out against the rest?
Fashion designers and enthusiasts re blogging and posting fashion photos on their blogs... what makes them different from all the other bloggers who do the same thing?

Here are some of the final images I used for my portfolio to present to universities, and what they judged me on. I hope you like the images. 
'The digital revolution of the last decade has unleashed creativity and talent of people in an unprecedented way, unleashing unlimited creative opportunities. It is now a time were everyone can express them selves so easily and now is defiantly the time to become an artist because allot of true talent has been flooded and drowned in a vast digital ocean of mass culture.'  Its time to stand out because we have technology at our very own finger tips. I still don't know what makes me different but in time I will find out as I progress in my photography since I am still only learning and will hopefully get better by time, dedication and practise.The question is... What the heck makes YOU different? 

See you next Friday everyone and have a wonderful weekend!
Frozen Vanity xox


  1. Wonderful photos
    that's left me thinking what makes myself different

  2. Wonderful photos
    Its left me thinking what's made me different :D