Saturday, September 29, 2012

Natural Corruption.

Natural Corruption.

Hello my lovely readers,

This is a project I just thought of a few hours ago and then decided to create it visually. I guess I will leave it  for you to interoperate the images yourself. I just wrote this in the space of 15 minutes so forgive me if it doesn't sound right.

Natural Corruption.

From the fields of beauty to the dark depths of the city, my emotions are corrupting me. In reflection of colour and depth, lights and crowds, lay the gentle wishes of you and I.

I like you a lot. More than I have ever liked anyone. How can that be when I hate the company of human beings? I do not desire the affection of humans for I have tasted it and been stricken sick. I was stricken sick for several months. It filled me up like a 3 course meal only to regurgitate it later.

I spilt my soul onto the dirty impure land. My soul had been contaminated. My soul was contaminated with distant melancholy memories and the longing for he who could only be seen in my dreams.
I want to feel your emotions within me. Pour your emotions into a cup and let me taste and have a sip.  I swirl your emotions inside my mouth, my taste buds tingling in search for sweet or sour.

I want to know if you will make me sick or revive me. Let me taste you for the corruptions of my own emotions are making me sick.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend! See you soon.

Frozen Vanity xox

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