Saturday, September 8, 2012

Photography in uni? WHAT!

Photography in uni? WHAT!
Hey Readers,

So I wanted to talk about something else before carrying on with my Hong Kong/Beijing journey photos.

I think you can tell a lot about somebody's level of intelligence by sitting down with them and having a five minute conversation than looking at all their grades on a piece of paper. It really troubles me when people use academic achievement as a means of measuring intelligence. Before I started studying photography, I would constantly be asked what are you studying or what are you going to major? My answer very proudly would be 'Photography,' and their facial expressions and voice tone would be as if I am not suppose to study photography, because it is not seen as an academic subject.

I remember having a phone call from abroad and I was talking to all my relatives, and one asked ''What are you going to study? Law? Business? Accounting? Doctor? Engineering?'' I was like '' ummm photography.' An awkward silence filled the conversation well lack of it at that time. Of course these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life but art, images, beauty, design, these are what we stay alive for, well I do.

I was always told to follow my dreams and do anything I want  as long as I do it with the best of my ability, so yes I decided photography and then I am faced with all these why's, why study it? Why do photography it's so easy? Why learn how to take pictures when you can already? Why not do something more studious? And then the dream crushing what ifs? What if you fail, what if you don't get into the industry, what if you don't make money, what if you regret it? 

Firstly I want to make it clear that studying photography isn't an easy option,it isn't an option where we just take photos and just talk about cameras. It is much more than that. There are 3 parts to the course, Practical, critical and contextual, a lot of analysing, a lot of reading, a lot of essays and a lot of work! 

People look at me as if I am less intelligent because I have chosen to do a subject that I love, a creative subject. People look at most people who do a creative subject as if they are less intelligent and it troubles me. It does get to me sometimes and I am thinker so I just think endless hours about the what ifs but its too late now, I have made my decision and going to pursuit what I have a passion for. Just because I am doing a subject that is creative doesn't mean I cannot understand business, law or politics or any less intelligent than one who studies those subjects. 

Sometimes I do honestly think of just giving up but then I will just regret for the rest of my life thinking why did I never at least try to achieve something, and something I love doing too! It is all well achieving something but it is a far more greater feeling when you love it as well.

In conclusion to this all, don't let anyone try bring you down if you want to achieve something! There are too many people scared to take a chance so they try to ruin other peoples chances too! When people are too scared to dream, they find pleasure in crushing other peoples dreams. Do what makes you happy and don't let anyone tell you different.

I shall be starting this Monday. I actually want to do another course on the side but hopefully in January since I want to start with one course first. I am sorry for writing so much as usual, once I start writing I cannot stop!

See you soon my lovely readers, good bye summer and welcome back to reality everyone! 

Frozen Vanity xox


  1. Don't worry about what others think, you follow your dream and prove everyone wrong. Yes you can take fantastic photos now, but with what you will learn at Uni you will be truly amazing... Good Luck... AnneMarie xxx

  2. More power to...u going for something u love doing..,few are that courageous (arnaud)