Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 2 in HK continued...Food glorious food!

Day 2 in HK continued...Food glorious food!
Hello everyone, this is the continuation of Hong Kong Day 2.

Later on we made our way back to the ladies market and roamed around the area just looking at random things being sold and the people walking by, occasionally someone would just stop and look at us, wave or smile and carry on doing what they were doing.  The ladies market sold everything from fruit to shoes to watches at ridiculously cheap prices. I am not too sure why they called the market 'ladies market' but it was great.

We also walked around the city streets where the high end shops were, were everyone dressed up as the lights gleamed across their faces. Food being sold on the street corners and the different aromas would pass by my nostrils each time I walked past the food stalls. I have really no idea what ingredients they used or what some of the food was, nor did I try any( I stuck to fast food restaurants) but there seemed to be a long queue at these restaurants so it must have tasted delicious. I still didn't see any scorpions on sticks or insects being fried but maybe that was a good thing.
These kittens up above were at the front window for anyone to choose and they would be cooked in the kitchen in the back and served either rare, medium-rare or well-done. I would watch the little kids pointing to the one they wanted and the chef would pick it up by its neck and take it into the back. I know sad... very sad that you even believed what I was saying. 

See you soon readers for another Day 2 in HK at Sky 100. A building that is 100 floors high and you can see all of the city lit up at night. A 360 degree view.

Frozen Vanity xox

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