Thursday, January 10, 2013

Be a Fashion Superhero.

Be a Fashion Superhero.

Hello to all my lovely readers, It has been a while since I have posted my opinions/ideas on fashion these days.

I have been seeing a lot of people wearing capes lately, and frankly I love them! Especially because I try to dress modestly, and try not to wear such tight clothes, that the cape I felt was just perfect, it is modest and stylish!

I have owned a cape for years and never even worn it, however I took it for a photo shoot and  realised it just looks so elegant and classy! So I have come to the conclusion capes are IN all year round, any colour, any style, any material. I need to purchase some more, I am far too picky so it might take a while to find one I feel is right for me. A lot of places like Zara, Next and most high street stores are selling them as well as online shops like ASOS and Net-a-porter.

This Louis Vuitton cape (grey and black) definitely caught my eye quite a while ago, yet I have never found it anywhere! I guess sold out or something, I really wanted to see it in real.
( Images found on-line)

Capes can be shorter too and look great with tights or skinny jeans, however I prefer the longer ones especially if you are muslim, it is just perfect!
 Men....capes are IN for you too! 
These 2 shots below are from a previous post.

P.s. I hate the new Chanel trainers. All I can say is Ew. Just because it is designer, people will buy it no matter how ridiculous or ugly it is. I mean lets take away the Chanel logo... Would you actually buy them? * Awkward moment as some one nods their head.*

See you soon my soon to be fashion super heroes in capes and NOT in the Chanel trainers.
Frozen Vanity xox

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