Friday, March 23, 2012

Beauty in Decay.

Beauty in Decay.
Hey Readers, 
I thought I would write a little story for you all to read, the story relates with the images I took this week. Fortunately the weather was great and I took two photo-shoots, one for Alim, if you remember the visual artist I am collaborating with and one for this weeks post! Enjoy! 
Remember the perfume you got me, Dior; Forever and ever...It’s running out. I only used it on special occasions, a little spray on my neck here and there, sometimes I would just sit and inhale it, and it was as if our distant memories would flow through me.  

The love we used to have reminds me of the bottle. It was so new, unused and pure, it was full; but day-by-day it would diminish. Yes, I tried my best to never use it up, to preserve every ounce of it, but it didn't really matter because sooner or later it would have to be used.
Our love is like the tulips that sit on the window sill decaying in silent agony, still looking beautiful and untouched, yet within them they are silently crying because they know its only a matter of time till they are devoured by the certainty of what comes when we live...we also die.

Fortunately their life span is short, they therefor live for the moment. While our love could be forever and ever, it can die just like the beautifully crying tulips that sit on the windowsill. I try my best to care for those tulips, their so beautifully content its sad. I don't want the moment to die. I laugh because I know I cant stop it.
I took the tulips to the secret garden in seek of refuge; they must have felt caged at times, longing for unpolluted oxygen. I could relate to them. A few of them died on the way I guess they were too weak for freedom, maybe scared to what might happen once they are free, or could it be volunteered suicide? They knew once they were free they would have no one, no one to confine too, no one to be loved and cared by, death was the only way to avoid the treacherous future that they thought they would have had. I should have told them earlier I was just taking them out for a walk; I wasn't going to leave them in the secret garden. 
I’d celebrate the end, but this is my beginning, that is if I embrace the freedom, but I'm scared like the beautifully crying tulips. I’m beginning to drain, like the perfume bottle Forever and ever you gave me. The bottle lied and we both believed it. I shall smile,  and wonder how long each beauty can exist before it is destined to fade. I will watch beauty in decay but I wont stop hoping, I'm setting my self up for disaster. A beautiful agonising disaster. I'm ready.
What I am really trying to say, things that are beautiful will generally fade, therefor you must capture  and embrace that moment and make the most of it before it is gone.

See you next Friday readers and have a good weekend!
Frozen Vanity xox

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