Friday, March 9, 2012

Travel- Its Oxygen to me (Part 2)

Hey readers, so this is Part 2 from last week!
The scorching sun on my back as I jet ski across the sea, hotel dinners, cruising for hours, cityscape to sand dunes,the sound of the cars engines roaring and the music playing in the car. I remember the girls nights in, and the adventures out to the desert occasionally stopping to let the camels pass by, the smell of the shisha that would fill the air as I'd walk through the souqs and the river that would wind through the shopping mall. I was in Qatar.

The river cruise, excursions out to see the temples, swimming and sun cream, stares, crowds, chatter, negotiating prices,smoke filled reception. I remember trying the sea food, coming back to my room and the room would be decorated so intricately with little figures like swans made from the towels, the tour guide waving his hand to direct us and the locals pointing and waving. I was in Egypt.

Weeks my new camera, constant snap snap snap. I remember horse riding in the mountains so high sneezing throughout the entire time, boat rides across the clear blue sea going from one island to the other, facebook addict at the internet cafe, beaches filled with sun soaker, traditional sweets sold and handmade candles being created before my eyes. I was in Turkey.

The smell of the freshly cut grass, my scarf swaying in the wind as the fiery leaves dance in the air, the crowd of umbrellas. I remember the fun fairs as the lights would spin and spin, and the long walks down by the park as I'd feed the little ducks quacking away, watching the dog walkers stroll by and the business men chit chattering on their phones, I was in England.

Obviously I have not mentioned all the countries I have visited but I do advice anyone to travel and see the world, you will have a better understanding of people, their cultures and their way of living. Its an eye opener its something I simply wish I could do everyday for the rest of my life, just explore the world and see how others live and perceive the world.

Here are some random photos I put together yesterday. Enjoy!

 So the next few weeks I am going to SOO busy, doing my Final major project...its killing me already, I have done a lot but who can say I have done enough? I am personally paranoid about not doing enough or not doing it at a high standard that I expect my self to do. Yes, like everyone says I need to just 'chill' and 'relax' but to me, I don't have time to do that, if I want to achieve, I will not sleep. I may be hard on my self, but it will pay off in the end... hopefully.

Quote of the week “I’m a workaholic and I don’t believe in ‘No’. If I’m not sleeping, nobody’s sleeping.” — Beyonce.

See you next Friday readers! 
& don't forget about daily dose of inspiration this Tuesday! 

Frozen Vanity xox

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