Friday, March 16, 2012

Fashionable but still affordable.

Hello my lovely readers...
So I wanted to talk to you all about how to look fashionable at an affordable price. As I know, money cannot buy style, I have seen it before and it isn't a pretty site. However you can still look stylish with affordable clothes and a few essentials.
It has come to apparent that everyone thinks if its designer then of course its going to be stylish and its going to be in fashion... but is that really the case? I've seen people splattered with logo's all over from Louis Vuitton to Valentino and they look ridiculously bad!
And then I have also heard people say they cannot have good style because they don't have enough money to afford it...and only if they had enough money then they would look good. Delusional must I say? I always say if you have just a few things that are stylish, you can totally mix and match! 

Here are a few simple tips to looking fashionable and it being affordable!
I Put in one item that Is over priced so you can know that sometimes it really doesn't matter about the brand.
1. Always have a nice pair of black trousers, trust me they will be the best thing you'l buy. With black trousers they look classy all the time, they can be worn to any occasion and with any colour!
2. Plain t.shirts always work well, and can be bought in a variety of shades. They just make any outfit look casual but still stylish because its just the classy plain tee that never goes out of fashion. Put on a cardigan or blazer with it and it will look great!
3. Accessories always make an outfit look fashionable, from necklaces that are big and bold, to rings and bracelets. Anything colourful and big creates the outfit.
4. Involve patterns, floral, tribal and prints.This makes the outfit look stylish but also expensive even if you got it at a low price.
5. Handbags can easily go out of fashion between the seasons, but I believe a clutch doesn't. Whether your going out to town or to a dinner, a clutch is compact and always look good.
6. Heels always make an outfit from casual to fashionable! I always think a nice sleek pair of black heels just transforms an outfit. Black matches everything too, from jeans to skirts, they always look good! If you don't like black, Nude is always best too, every colour will look great with nude.
I only got round to editing these photos recently, since I've been really busy. I wanted to do something quite different to what I usually do, and I also edited the photos differently. I hope you like them.
Just remember you don't have to spend so much money to look stylish! Just follow the 6 steps and your going to look stylish without even needing to spend hundreds.
Remember...Its not about the brand, its about the Style.
See you next Friday!
Frozen Vanity xox

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