Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Daily Dose of Inspiration.

Can you really read peoples emotions without looking at their face but only their eyes?
Boushra Almutawakel
-Boushra Almutawakel, 1969, Yemen, has been focusing on social interpretations of culture in Yemen.
 A lot of her work include women wearing the veil. Hijabs are worn by believers, and sometimes also by non-believers. The veil may be worn by choice, or by obligation.
Some wear it occasionally, and some exclusively in public. What Boushra Al Mutawakel hopes to highlight is that under the veil, women are individual and varied, and to a culture that includes the veil, there is both good and bad associated with it, and there are lovers and haters. - I personally think her work is really interesting and just so empowering too. Defiantly cannot wait to see some more images she produces!
Reverse role of a wife and husband.
Here is a video of her, its really interesting and worth watching too! I found it quite bazaar how a woman in veil didn't even want her photo taken yet she would have never been identified, and this is what Boushra goes through a lot as being a woman trying to take images of other women but she has done it and done it well!

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  1. i absolutely love this! you are exactly right, so inspiring!