Friday, April 6, 2012

First time for everything.

First time for everything.

Hey Readers, blogging from sunny Qatar right now,
So as you all know, I had to travel alone for the very first time. Here's the story.

She sat at home writing lists of things to do, things to buy, things to watch out for, things to take note of and things to pack. Some may have called this compulsive, she called it extra organised.
It was time for her to go alone this time. Once over and always she would chat and gossip with her pretty younger twin sisters, chit chat about what they would do when they land, who would sit by the window to watch the white fluffy clouds pass the window, they would roam the buzzing busy airport window shopping glaring at all the little pretty expensive things that would be placed ever so neatly in the shop windows. Her mother making sure everyone had eaten the freshly homemade sandwiches and her father handing them individually their passport and tickets guiding the way through the busy airport.

This time it was different. She was on a train at exactly 7:58am reading Pride and prejudice and Zombies, a parody novel written by Seth Grahame-smith combining Jane Austen's novel, travelling to the high rise, tea drinking city called London where then she would have to find her way through the intense humid station to the next stop where then she would catch another train to the airport. Alone.

As she sat in terminal 4, alone with her cases to one side and a few hours to spare, she reminisced about the past journeys she had made, never alone but full of laughter and chit chat with her beloved ones; but a smile crept across her face as she realized this was the first step to independence and courage. It was a liberating moment. As she sat alone counting the minutes, she would watch the different people walk past her from stressed bright red parents with their 4 toddlers screaming and moaning, to executive business men with just a brief case and perfectly shined shoes, to the couples who were obviously excited for their first holiday, wondering where they would be travelling too. Others probably stared at her wondering where she was going too.

She boarded the plane eventually and successfully and wrapped her self in the free blanket she got given by the over polite flight attendants, debating whether she should take the chance to sleep but then she had to be prepared for the embarrassment of sleeping on the person next to her or stay awake and watch endless movies. She chose the movies. 

When she touched her feet on Qatar soil and breathed, it smelled of home. She wasn't born there but she felt like she belonged there as the people she knew, where of her liking and related well with her.

I haven't had a chance to take any photos due to being abroad but I found these online and I thought they were great! These are a few photos by a photographer named Paolo Roversi published in VOGUE UK's April 2012 issue, as he shot what he calls 'The Jokers Wild' featuring the House of Snowball in a twist on playing cards. This is where art meets fashion showing pop culture merged into one. I'll be uploading some photos soon hopefully! 

So that was my journey, and personally travelling alone has definitely taught me to ask when in doubt. I normally hate asking not because I think I am right but because I am shy. If it is your first time for something always ASK. Do not be afraid because there is always someone willing to help! 

See you next Friday!
Frozen Vanity xox
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  1. Such a detailed post, well done. I enjoyed reading every bit of it! <3