Friday, April 27, 2012

'Photography. The best cure for a bad memory'

'Photography. The best cure for a bad memory.'

Hello to all my lovely readers,

This week I was looking through my hard drive at old photos and some of the images I just couldn't remember taking, it made me realise events and days just fly past us and can easily be forgotten. I guess that’s one reason I love taking photos because I can eventually look back at them and remember the day, the people and the feelings I once had.
Memories defiantly don’t last forever because we can’t literally remember everyday, but photographs can definately last forever and in each photograph emotions can be captured, from laughter, to stupidity, to love or sadness, it’s quite phenomenal because looking at the photograph, emotions can be re-lived.

I do envy my parents and family that have their photographs in albums and stacked in big boxes because to me, it’s just an amazing feeling looking at the photograph in your hand rather than how all my photos are stored in a hard drive that I look through on my laptop. However in those days they took everything on film so every photo was thought about before pressing the button. Now, the majority of us all use digital were we can click away continuously without a care in the world. I guess it can be good and bad as we loose the sentimental side to a photograph but on the other side we can capture hundreds of frames at that very moment. 

Here are a few old photos I took but I have edited them and experimented with layers and textures.
Remember when I said back to blog-ing? Well I am actually travelling today for 7days and will only be back next Friday so I will not be blog-ing next Friday however I will do one the Friday after of all the photos I will take on this mini holiday. I will literally take photos of everything.

My advice to you all, take photos of anywhere you go, because when your older you can look back and just look back at all the memories you have had.

I have a very good memory, but it's short. Thank god for photography. - John E. Burkowski

See you the Friday after, and have a great weekend!
Frozen Vanity xox

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