Friday, April 20, 2012

Back to Blogging.

Back to Blogging. 

Hello all, I am finally back in 'sunny' England. So sorry I didn’t blog last week, my flight was on the day and had to do last minute things however I’m back to blogging now.
So everyone’s asking to see all the photos I have taken, to be honest I didn’t take any photos until the last day when it rained because I just really wanted to embrace every moment I had there than keep taking my camera out to take photos. I spent the best 2 weeks spending time with my dear friend going out, watching movies, eating at restaurants, talking, and having the typical girls night in. It was perfect and seeing everyone else too.

However here are a mixture of camera photos and mobile photos of just anything random I snapped. Hope you like them, and I will be posting daily dose of inspiration this week! If you want to get some of your work featured then Email me and I will be sure to post up some of your work.

This month is going to be busy as I am still doing my FMP (Final Major Project) and will hopefully show case it on my blog at the beginning of June. I have done all my research and now I just have to take the final photos which I am looking forward too taking but what I imagine may not be the end result, but I will be optimistic about it. I will also be doing some independent projects my self to push my limits and try new things that I have not done, and will be posting them on my blog too. 

See you next Friday and have a great weekend!
Frozen Vanity xox

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