Friday, January 27, 2012

Stress Increase.

Stress Increase.
Hey all , I hope you had a great weekend, and if you didn't see the video I posted, you should, it’s totally the truth about the industry and it made me laugh. This post is going to be quite short (I say that every time and end up writing a lot), but seriously it’s just a quick post and you can have a look at some photos I took last week.

We have all felt stress and been through it, if you’re anything like me, I do not cope well with it. Stress- a hectic job, chaotic home life, bills, bad habits, friends, college all sorts of things can lead to stress. When I found out about interviews from the uni's and then UCAS sending me various letters and emails, and then student finance, and then needing to create a portfolio and all these specifications, i was just overwhelmed. I started pacing round the house frantically, writing lists and spider diagrams, complaining to various people about the stress I was going through, getting angry at every little thing and plainly freaking out. I will tell you now; it is the wrong way to go about it!
All the letters i have and ive got whole batch of emails too. 
5 steps to conquer stress: 
 ( Not sure if this is just to reassure my self i'l be fine, but embrace it readers )

1. Find the source of the problem and eliminate it before it even happens. Let’s say 3 months before your exams and you find yourself going out with friends, and then all of a sudden you find yourself 1 week till your exams and you haven't even started revising and now you’re STRESSED. You could have cut down the stress if you revised 3 months before at a steady pace instead of trying to cram all the information in on one night. (We’ve all done it before)

2. Stop procrastinating: You can put off important tasks, but you can’t put off worrying about them. Don't avoid the problem or the thing you need to do, because in the end its going to come and there will be no way out.

3. Talk it out. If you keep it all to yourself it’s just going to build up and in the end you’re going to probably do what I do, start screaming at everyone and everything. Talk to someone close to you and if you’re anything like me I hate advice I already know, so just tell them I’m not here for advice I just need to talk it out.

4. Prioritize.  If you have an interview on the 23rd and a party on the 24th and all you do is focus on the party and what outfit you want to wear, by the time the 23rd has come you won’t be prepared. So choose carefully what is the most important thing to do and what will actually make an impact on your life. Make a list of all the important things you need to do.


This shoot was like a British boy style look, with a vintage twist and the street style angle. Hope you like them.

So have a stress free week everyone and remember its impossible to have a stress free life but you can decrease the stress in your life!

I will be doing a fashion post next Friday so keep a look out, especially for all those who love fashion and brands. 

See you next Friday!
Frozen Vanity xox

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  1. I absolutely love this, especially the use of teal background to pop up the red shirt. Like always, brilliant work!