Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 is here.

2012 is here.

So its 2012 now and lets speak in terms that it is actually going to be the end of the world. Who is actually ready to die this year? And honestly say they made the most of all the opportunities they had, no regrets, have been true to them selves and others; they’ve helped others and they have sacrificed aspects of their life to create a better future, basically lived their life to the fullest.
Can you honestly say that?  If no, then take this year as if it’s your last, do things you’ve never done before, become a better person, and make the most of everything.

 In the past year its been up and down and only really started getting into my photography at around May, so not even a year yet but I have taken every opportunity I could whether it was taking pictures of events, models, for free, for my sisters or just purely for fun, its been great practice for me and an experience I can never forget. No matter how much experience I have gained through out the year I do have my insecurities within my photography abilities and photography in general. Have you ever felt the feeling when someone expects you to do so well, so they ask you to do the same thing for them and you feel quite anxious about it because they have high expectations and you need to meet them to avoid disappointment, you may smile to them and say sure, but inside all your thinking about is “omg I need to do this well.” Every time I was given a task to do, I would feel just like that and I still do, I set my self-high expectations but when other people do, I just want to meet them which adds pressure on me and also stress. If you have had this feeling, not just in photography but in daily life things or talents that you may have, I guess we all need to take this time to reflect upon those events and realize by just helping someone out they will feel grateful before we even start the act they wanted us to do.

Through out life when we get jobs for different clients and so on, we will be expected to do certain things to quality and we will feel under pressure but remember, as long as you try your best that’s the main thing, don’t give up straight away or feel disheartened because if you don’t try you’ve failed before you’ve started.

So yesterday i was experimenting with scanography and decided to do some images based on society, i just went round the class asking for random things and then decided to scan them. Its actually really fun and defiantly good to experiment with !

Healthy eating is no more since the price has risen, Junk food all the way. 
Lack of money in the world and recession
Intoxicating the body, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs etc
The idea of being fake and people putting masks on. So the Makeup represents that.
The idea of do we really know who we are or who the people we know are? Questioning your own identity.
Music is taking over the generation, music lyrics can be remembered easily yet the simple times tables cannot be recited.
Social networking gone too far.
The love of photography.
Love is fragile, it can easily be torn or crumpled. There is a lack of love in the world right now.
Not many people know this, but I will now declare this to the world, I actually failed my maths IGCSE and ever since then I have avoided re-taking it. I absolutely hate maths, I don’t even like thinking about it, and to me, it’s the scariest thing ever. When I was doing maths, it would just go through one ear and out the other and its my fault for not concentrating but because I hated it so much, I blanked it out my life. However after many years of avoiding math, I have now enrolled on a math course and I will hopefully get the grade I need. So that is something in 2012 I want to achieve, but the most annoying thing about it, is that its on Friday's so I will be posting at around 8:00am Uk time, and Gulf time that will be Midday and wont be able to inform you when i post until later in the day.

Ive heard a lot of people say "2012 please be better", well 2012 will only be better if you decide to make it better, your actions will determine the year and how you want to live it. So its all down to you to make 2012 better for your self and Good Luck with it.

See you next Friday!

Frozen Vanity xox

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