Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 thousand Views!

Hey guys I can’t actually believe I have reached 10thousand views!!! I never thought i would even reach up to 1,000! When i told my sister about it she was so happy and when i told her to read over the post i originally was going to post she screamed and couldn't believe 10thousand, she thought i had said 1thousand and that other bloggers had 10thousand. I only started officially this October and I have only posted 17 posts, and so many of you come back each week to check out my blog! I just want to say THANKYOU SO MUCH for all the continuous support and encouragement every week and I know not many of you comment since it’s such a hassle on blogger but the emails and BBM messages, the tweets and facebook inboxes really mean so much to me! So THANK YOU so much for all the support and I hope to improve in my photography and you all will go through the journey with me and hopefully I will inspire all of you to try new things and explore what is around us and to make the most of every opportunity. I still cant believe it and i cant stop smiling so Thank You for everything everyone !

I love you all :') 

Frozen Vanity xox

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  1. This is well amazing! :)) Keep up the good work!