Friday, December 30, 2011

Fashion's Winter Fever

Hey its Fridays post and i thought i would talk about fashion since its a passion of mine, oh and thanks to everyone who checked out my Video on Vimeo.

So i only really started getting into fashion photography when i did this shoot, but i had always loved fashion since i was young.....
I my self don't follow fashion because i don't have the time to keep on changing my clothes each season to match everyone else. However i do admire looking through magazines and looking at blogs at the latest trends that go round the world.

I am in love with fashion street photography, its such a dream job! Go round walking the streets and finding people with amazing style then snapping them, reportage shots of beautiful women and men with style and individuality, capturing patterns and colours, cuts and lengths. Sounds great doesn't it? Much better than trying not to trip over studio wires and being all sweaty because the studio lights are so hot, or the fact the model isn't doing what you want her to do or shes late, the list goes on. Yes photography isn't all glamour, but stylography is just a dream! I am really not sure what the official term is to call photographers who capture style but i guess style-ography will do. I love the fact theres so much freedom to taking street style, no rules, no guidelines,no specifications and no one to judge and say their wrong. There is this photographer that goes by the name Steet Peeper, his photos are just great and he has traveled round the world, like Paris,London,New York,Sydney, Milan,Tokyo the list is endless, taking photos of models,stylists,celebs etc styles. Oh how much i envy the job of doing that.
Here a few images i found on the internet that really just portray street style photography. I noticed most images were never that sharp, always soft because they'd normally use a 50mm lens, headroom and taken in landscape for cropping aspects of the outfit.
Ive always been fascinated by the photos and decided why not do some my self. I styled all 6 outfits my self, and they are all my clothes,(Purple trousers are my sisters) so its not like i wouldn't wear them. Its winter now and i realized MOST  people start to wear the dark browns, greys,blacks etc ... what happened to colour? I personally wear more colour when its winter, quite awkward at times when im on the bus and i happen to be the only one with a long royal blue jacket and an orange scarf and everyone else seems to tone down to the greys and blacks. Oh and one more thing.. i'm not just talking to you young ladies about fashion, you too men need to start wearing colour, i know you all love wearing your blacks and greys (my father is the same) but colour will do you a world of good!
Long coats are great for the winter but try buying one with colour, i know when you walk into a shop majority seem to be dull but seriously colour creates a great impact on the way you look and your mood.

If you wear a headscarf, the turban is such a stylish way to wear a scarf and then add a broach to finish the look. 

Hats are a great way of making a simple outfit look great, the Russian hats are in right now and can be baught in various colours. 

 If your not a fan of coats, a simple blazer looks great but don't forget,buy one with colour! 

Colour blocking is defiantly a must in the winter, and patterns on shirts create such a different look and can be worn simply with a pair of black trousers or a skirt. If you don't like patterns then go with bright coloured shirts.
It was so hard to choose only a selection of the photos, i must admit ive got about 100 that i absolutely love but obviously cant upload them all, but il upload a few more this week ! Non of the photos were edited that i posted  and i will tell you one thing, doing photoshoots in England is hard work, every time we stepped outside it began to rain! 

I know a lot of people would much rather wear darker colours but just because outside looks dull and dark doesn't mean you have to be the same, the same goes; if you are finding life dull, don't just sit there and play along, do something different, do something that is out of the ordinary. I love wearing colour because it lifts my mood up, it also brings confidence to me, since im quite a reserved person but colour just makes me feel different, to when i wear dark colours where i feel miserable. So try something new, try some colour in your life,you might be surprised! 

See you All in 2012 next Friday for the next post, and see you sometime this week for a few more photos! Happy New Year to all of you!

Frozen Vanity xox

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  1. amazing work<3 u make the best of what u got as u always do and i really loved the shoots