Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3 Amazing Videos.

3 Amazing Videos.

Hey everyone so i thought i would share with you 3 videos shot by a DSLR 5D mark II because i think their absolutely amazing, the quality, the atmosphere, just everything is breath taking. If your serious about  taking videos i defiantly recommend buying a camera like this.

Egypt / Lebanon Montage by Khalid Mohtaseb

Hell and Back Again clip by Danfung Dennis

Reverie by Vincent Laforet

But remember, just because you buy a good camera doesn't mean your going to be amazing at taking photos and that your photos or videos are going to be exactly the same as other peoples. There are many people that think buying a better camera means their photo skills will improve, sorry to say this but they wont. You can be handed the best camera in the world and you still may never be a famous photographer. Its all about the eye and you either have it, or you have to work extremely well to produce quality photos or videos. I know many people who have asked me what camera i have because they want to buy it, and so they do but then they don't quite understand why their photos are not turning out like mine, but then i know some talented photographers that use a basic camera and produce quality stunning images. Its all good some people can talk about the expensive lens's and expensive cameras and how they have it all, but in the end it comes down to the image;So don't feel the need you need to compete or feel let down at the fact you cant afford certain things because a photographer can be handed the worst camera and still produce beauty.  

See you on Friday and have a great week !

Frozen Vanity xox

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