Friday, December 9, 2011

What do you think?

What do you think?

This is personally my favourite photo.

Ever since starting photography I have noticed everyone has their own opinion to what is a good photograph and what isn't but then again everyone is different. People are not usually in a state of complete equanimity when looking at a piece of work due to the fact of being brought up in different cultural, religious and social environments where expectations and ideas differ.
These things all shape our individual opinions. A rich person and a poor person want different things from politicians, one wants to lower the taxes and the other wants equal access to health care, education and Jobs. Two people born in the same country but may be brought up that alcohol is a normal thing to consume but one may be totally against it. A Christian family, and a Muslim family; two different religions but both brought up to believe that there is only one God and their faith will lead the path to heaven. When looking at a photo of a cat, one judge may hate cats but the other may love them, therefore creating 
two different opinions on the same subject.

Last night I was at the Preston Photography Society meeting that is held every Thursday and it was competition night where they bring in an external judge and beforehand he chose the top 3 photos and then also scored other entries out of 20. I myself found it very interesting due to the fact that he would obviously have his own opinion on the photos presented to him yet he had to try and sway his own opinions to give others a chance. He had a particular interest in wild life photography, especially birds so that already would sway his opinion on photos subconsciously. As he judged each photo I could see round the room a mixture of shaking heads of dismay, and nods of approval as everyone had their own individual point of view, I myself would occasionally whisper to my sister explaining what I liked and didn’t like about the photos. It came to a point where I had a totally different view to the judge, there was one macro picture in particular of an insect and I loved the colours, the detail and how it was taken but the judge gave the photo one of the lowest marks. Another example was a picture of a nude woman standing by a lake, her posture was perfect, the angle and overall impact just made me fall in love with the image; yet again it got a fairly low mark compared to some other photos which I particularly did not like. Now one may have loved the image but one may have thought it was horrible, one may have thought it was degrading, one may have thought it needed changing. It just proves that everyone has their own opinions and outlooks on certain images but also on everything else that surround us in this world but I do think it is wrong to reject someone’s opinion as it’s like rejecting yourself as you once differed five years ago right?

Some opinions may be good, some may be bad, but never let the bad opinions put you down because remember everyone has their own opinions and no matter where you go everyone is going to think differently but there will always be those who will support you and also agree with your own opinion too. If one cannot accept other people’s opinions then they must not expect others to conform to theirs, tolerance is the key but you can still maintain your own identity and still have valid viewpoints. Never change your opinion because someone else thinks it’s wrong unless you know changing your belief will help you, and turn you into a better person because that’s what opinions are about, giving you an insight to someone else’s principle.

 I love listening to other people’s opinions, especially when it comes to my work because I can then improve or change aspects of my work. I deal with constructive criticism well, and take it as a strive to get better; but some don’t, Much like the stomach would reject certain foods.  It’s not about convincing others that you are right or about them convincing you that they’re right but simply a matter of being understood and an acceptance that you might agree to disagree. You never know, by listning to someone else’s opinion you might learn something or two.

Here are a few photos i did of Jane, It was my first time using studio lights properly and most people underestimate studio photoshoots, but it was hectic, trying not to trip over wires, making sure the lights didn't get too hot, making sure the lighting is correctly placed in order for the right shot,the list goes on. A big Thankyou to my Aunty for letting us use her dining room.

Due to the fact i lost my pen drive yesterday, the day i was going to back it all up; i had to
re-edit all these photos which meant i finally slept at 4:00am today. I also lost portfolio and project work, things like this have all happened to us, writing an essay and the window closes unsaved, trying something that just wont work etc but don't panic or give up, just take it in stride and make it an excuse to do it again but even better, however as i say this i sit in agony knowing of all the work i have lost. 

See you next Friday for the next post ! & i may be uploading a video throughout the week so keep a look out!

Frozen Vanity xox
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  1. Personally , I love getting other people opinions whether good or bad , they both turn you to a better photographer . Constructive criticism, I deal with that A LOT , It only makes my work better & It makes my love towards Art grow bigger somehow .

    I gave up on studio lights long time ago lol , and the wires oh god the wires >< !!! I MUST trip over wires every single time, I never learn from my trips I guess lol . I'm also paranoid about the heat of the lights , I always imagine the lights exploding into my model's face or in mine :| so I just gave up on studio lights unless I'm taking a picture of an object :P!

    The pictures , as always , extremely gorgeous . Jane is just gooorrgeous and beautiful , loved her hair, makeup , dress & accessories .
    And how you took the pictures , just amazing , I can never deal with studio lightning like that , it just turns out into a huge mess (A) !
    My favorites are the fourth and the sixth <3 Loved them .

    I think the idea of not commenting was much better hahaa i just wrote a whole essay myself and ruined the look of your blog :P !
    Can't wait until next Friday :*


  2. sarah this is so goood! :)
    Jane looks amazingg! :)
    Keep it up! :D

  3. omg that gold dress! so amazing! and you're so pretty <3

  4. love ur blog every friday
    the pics are fab u r really going big places

  5. "Some opinions may be good, some may be bad, but never let the bad opinions put you down." Okay, every week I tell myself that this is the last time I'm gonna share this girl's blog but I guess I just can't resist sharing great stuff like yours with my world. I swear I had that exact situation yesterday, twice! One of them was with my teacher, who believes that my presentations/keynotes aren't good because I deliver them wrong! I was explaining to him that I don't mind taking his "opinion" but it doesn't mean it's commonly true! I was named, and I swear I'm not exaggerating, the best student in these kinda stuff. I give it up when he told me "even Steve Jobs doesn't deliver his keynotes well" I knew by then that this son of a bitch has a mental problem in his head. (This is a fact and not an opinion, you don't mess with Steve Jobs.)

    Back to the point, aren't you getting tired of having a psycho like me telling you each week how brilliant your piece is? I really loved what you choose to write about this week, and I was actually shocked to know that you wrote everything here in less than 24 hours. That's just awesome! Loved your uploads as well, my favorite is your favorite too! The last one, the one you have uploaded to Flickr is such a masterpiece. Can't wait for your next post. You're cool, that's also a fact, not an opinion!

    P.S: I don't know why, but I can't write something on your blog using my iPhone's Safari app. I always end up emailing my comment to myself so I can copy it and write it by my MacBook. Do you recommend any good apps I can access your blog through it?

    - Faisal

  6. Thankyou my dear Roxy for your funny and lovely comment,and yes i tripped over a few times i must admit, also had mini heart attacks when the lights nearly fell but never the less they work well indoors, but generally i do photos outdoors so it was a great change. Darling every word means so much because im so glad ever week you give me feed back :)Your a star :*

    Faisal Thankyou so much for all your comments, seriously every word means so much to me! Yes i totally agree, your teacher has their opinion but doesn't mean its necessarily correct. Teachers are teachers, they always think they know better just because they are older, but i will tell you now, age is in the mind :) No not at all am i getting tired, but i dont want you to feel you have to comment every week, youve written allot and i dont you to waste your time but im so very great full for the feedback i get from you. The same problem happened with a friend of mine who is using the i pad, she couldn't comment and has to use the laptop. Im really not sure, maybe downloading the blogger app might work? Because through blackberry commenting is made simple.

    Thankyou to everyone else who commented :)

  7. Hi, simply brilliantly put, am not much of a critique it kinda goes against my nature, but i do understand the value of constructive criticism ..

    Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach .. said

    "According to my principles, every master has it's true and certain value. Praise and criticism cannot change any of that. Only the work itself praises and criticizes the master, and therefore I leave to everyone his own value".

    In my humble opinion your work is a master piece and I take account of your young age and the short amount of time you have spent learning your craft.

    I love the whole layout of your blog, it is an excellent way of showing your work to the world, and the fact that it is linked to all your various web pages adds more value; a hobby that transpired into a passion which mirrors your heart and feelings an avenue to allow us to see the world from your perspective not only visually but in sentiments also.

    It has all the ingredients to make it an exciting blog and inadvertantly an ingenius marketing tool, your passion should be turned into more than that you should be rewarded for all your hard work and efforts a business opportunity beckons for you.

    Finally, Good, better, best and never let it rest until your good is better and your better is the best !

    Thank YOU .. Muhammad Ali :)