Friday, February 3, 2012

Confessions of a brand addict.

Confessions of a brand addict.

Well i must confess to you all, i used to be a brand addict when i was younger, all i wanted was to wear designer clothes, i saw all these rich celebrities wearing brands and everyone worshiped them, everyone respected them and looked up to them. So i thought if i wore designer brands everyone would look up to me. Of course now i look back at that and think what an idiot, but then i also think Thank god it happened when i was younger, because i know many people who are brand addicts in their late teens and 20+ years.
They cant even walk out the house without at least have something branded on show, to them its normal but in reality they are slaves of fashion without even realizing it.

There are three kinds of people when it comes to shopping - those who are obsessed with brand labels and refuse to buy any product unless it has a known brand label that has a sound reputation on it, those who refuse to go for the brand labels and focus on the cheapest price available, and of course, those who don't care one way or the other and simply purchase whatever they happen to grab first.

I know people who will brag about certain brands they have yet they don't seem to tell people they got it on sale or second hand or cheaply... they focus solely on the 'expensive' designer so people can look up to them. Of course they are insecure about them selves... but is it really necessary to live a life of lies  just to create this image for your self? Is it fair they get sucked in to a life of paranoia trying to show off to other people because of the pressure around them?
 Are you a brand addict? When you see your friends buying certain brands do you feel left out and must buy that specific thing just because they are wearing it? If a new collection comes out do you have to buy something from it to avoid people saying you've only got last collection items? Do you find your self feeling self conscious and paranoid if you go out the house without anything branded (if you even dare too)? If your answer was yes to all.. your a brand addict. Simple as that.
Recognise the bracelet he is wearing? Shamballa bracelet, everyone is going crazy for this...and why? Because Jay Z is wearing it, and if he's wearing it, damn we all gotta wear it.  Wrong. People who are highly religious are buying this bracelet without even knowing the true meaning behind it. Its actually a cult bracelet...look it up and see it for your self. But because its fashionable now, no one cares as long as they have it they are in fashion. Fair enough of people like it, but don't you think its gone a bit too far to the point its compulsory to buy it?

For example when the YSL Oval ring came out, If someone gave me a penny for every picture i saw of it, i would be a millionaire, every girl was talking about it, every girl had to reblog the image and every girl had to buy it. It was a MUST or you just wasn't 'cool'. I refused to buy one because everyone wanted it. Same goes for the Versace for H&M clothing line, everyone had to have pictures of it, had to talk about it and in the end everyone went crazy for it even though the clothes were average, and the print was the only thing that really made the garments stand out, but oh no, Its Versace for H&M 'we must obey and buy it even if we don't like it'. Trust me back in the day i would have been the first to buy all that, but i know better now to buy things i like and not because of the name and reputation it holds. I will say now I still love brands and love buying them but because they look good. I guess i am still a brand addict but i know my limits.
Check out these campaigns... can you see the connotations?
Buy this watch and your going to be as beautiful and successful as Kate Moss because she wears it.
Buy this perfume and you'll get any man and look as beautiful as her.
Buy Bvlgari glasses because Kirsten Dunst wears it and you'll be as beautiful and glamorous as her, shes also successful so if you want to appear successful, Bvlgari is the best option.
Buy the Prada glasses and you'll be as successful and glamorous as these 2 ladies.
Scarlette Johanson has this bag, so if you buy it... your going to look as beautiful and sexy as her + everyone will look up to you because she has the bag too.
I could go more in detail with the connotations but i guess you know what i mean. So many things influence people to buy certain things, of course advertising is the number one culprate, I will talk more about this subject in later posts, I will also be posting a few photos further this week that links in with this post!  So keep a look out! 

See you next Friday!
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  1. I loved it. ♥
    I personally am not into brands. I don't know, it's just they're not attractive and many people wear them. Does it make me special if I copy them?
    If I see something beautiful, I would take it just because I love it, not to brag or impress others with it.

  2. What caught my eye was the comment about versace for H&M , I personally didn't like any of them, and wouldn't wear it even If i got paid to wear it. just because it's a brand,doesn't mean you had to purchase it and look like a clown. I'm not a brand addict, I buy what I like,and we should remember that quality comes first,I wouldn't buy something ugly just for the sake of it,being a brand! nice post x