Friday, February 24, 2012

No more tangerine skies.

No more tangerine skies.

I've noticed there is so much negativity on the net, everyone complaining they can’t afford something, or they can’t do something or complaining they can’t get somewhere in life. It baffles me because all the opportunities are right in front of us. I guess if everyone stopped procrastinating, and looked beyond the "I can’t, I will never" mentality... I’m sure mountains of opportunities are awaiting you.
Firstly think about it, every day we keep dreaming, every day we keep procrastinating is another day lost of opportunity and success and we will never get that day back, we cannot revisit the past but only keep going forward, unfortunately we all end up online, surfing the net for hours, watching TV and listening to music wasting every second, every minute we could be creating something magnificent, something that could get us noticed. I’m guilty for that myself, but then I always realize I need to get up do something that is going to benefit me.

So many people want to be successful; well the key is get talking! Send emails, don’t be afraid to ask, to question, have a try, fail and then try again, explore, talk to friends,  network, and there you go, new beginnings will arise.

Ever heard of David Bailey? Well he is a very successful photographer, a very famous one who recently got a movie about his life. (We’ll take Manhattan) He didn’t start off with lots of money, he didn’t start off with the best camera in the world, he didn’t have a studio but he had one thing no other photographer at that time had and that was imagination and guts. He didn’t just sit and complain he wasn’t at the top, he worked hard for it, he went through rejection, he went through highs but the most important thing was, he never gave up.

Enjoy the photos, this shoot was so random. It was a sunny day and I couldn't resist going outside! We set off to the park and shot a few photos, only to find ourselves bombarded with hailstone so we had to run home, drenched but happy we actually went outside and did something rather than sitting at home doing nothing. 
Everything I have done and achieved has come because I have literally done it and hoped for the best! So it’s the weekend, grab your camera, brain storm ideas and go outside and start taking photos, same goes to the rest of you who have a passion for something. Just explore and all good will come, be 
patient but also be determined! Remember the more you say you cant, the more you wont! The more you look on the bright side, the more good things will happen!

Okay so I was totally looking through old photos that my mum and dad took on film, I must say... I am falling in love with film! So I am going to try get a film camera and start shooting on film. Shall be interesting!  

See you next Friday! & Don't forget to keep tuned for the daily dose of inspiration post!
Have a good weekend all! 
Frozen Vanity xox

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  1. Such an inspirational post! enjoyed reading it and couldn't agree more with everything you said x