Friday, February 10, 2012

Accept and change.

Accept and change.
Hello to all my lovely readers, I've had a really long week and stressful week,and i was wondering if you could all send me an email/twitter message/BBM/ to give me some feedback about my blog( i know everyone complained about the commenting on blogger but i just cant make it work) ... anything i should change or improve on? Anything you would like me to write about? Just anything ! 

I recently went for an interview and I was so nervous, because that's just me. I over think everything, I get worried easily and I can’t deal with rejection. So the fear of rejection just runs through my mind, and I am also a perfectionist therefore the anticipation something might go wrong just gets my heart beating! I had just got my portfolio box two days earlier too, as I had ordered one but then they sent me the wrong one, let’s just say it was so thin I wouldn't have been able to even fit 2 prints inside, I had a massive panic attack, rang them and they sorted it out as fast as possible. Phew.  I was prepared for what type of questions the interviewee would ask me, but when one is under pressure anything can happen!  Everyone kept telling me to calm down and not to be nervous, but then that only just added on the pressure due to everyone expecting me to do well.

While I was in the interview I answered questions, but then I got thrown off when he asked me "What are you bad at? What is your weakness?" I had never really thought of it, so for the whole day I thought about what my weakness was in photography. The next day at college funnily enough we discussed it too.
I came to the conclusion that i have a few weaknesses that i need to work on, and here some of them.

1. Lighting. Indoor photography with lack of light is so hard for me but i need to work on it especially learning the technical side to the camera.
2. Directing models. I am a shy person so telling people i don't know what to do is just not a natural thing to me, so i defiantly need to work on my confidence with other people and what i want.
3. Not Believing in myself. I am always doubting my self, my ability, my photography yet everyone else believes in me. So i guess i need to try and start believing in my self too and stop comparing my self to others.

These are a few photos i did for an Assignment called 'Experimental' so that's what i did! I just experimented with product photography, as i hadn't really done it before and wanted to see what i could create. I hope you like them!
Experimenting with Layers.
Just because you have a weakness doesn't make you bad at what you do. Embrace it and use it to your advantage. Once you've identified some Strengths and Weaknesses the key is to go an extra step and add some ‘next steps’ to what you've come up with. Based upon what you’re good at and what you could improve upon, identify some goals and objectives to take what you do to the next level!

See you all next Friday! 
Frozen Vanity xox
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  1. WOW very different yet amazing work!! Keep it up Sarah <3