Friday, June 22, 2012

Swag, Suits and Sophistication.

Swag, Suits and Sophistication.

I am guessing as you all know I love fashion but I also love Film, and if you do not know, you do know now. Well I came across this Video and fell in love with it and defiantly fell in love with the styling too. Not many bloggers blog about the styling of men, but only for women, but after all men do have style too! Just look at them, very sophisticated yet so out there with the subtle contrasting prints and accessories. This is my personal ideal style.

The Party of Minister is a fashion film, written, directed and cut by Abba and styled by Adeniyi; whose pocket squares are the center piece of this short film.  The Party of Ministers meshes art and humor in a tongue in cheek way whilst portraying fashion to you in a avant garde way.

The Party of Minister is also the first of many more original and entertaining content from the Jungle Tribe, a new wave African Art movement co founded by Abba Makama with host of other young African creative’s ranging from actors, musicians, artists and even accountants. The movement aims to bring edgy, enlightening and entertaining ideas to the music and film industry.

About Abba Makama
Abba was born in Nigeria and studied Business Management at the State University New York, Fredonia Campus it was there he discovered his passion for Film while sharing a house with an aspiring film maker, immediately after his degree he dropped his suit moved to the City where he enrolled in NYU to study film and has not looked back.
On returning to Nigeria he has worked in various production capacities with MTV Base, Chanel O, Storm 360 and IBST (Producers of Apprentice Africa, Big Brother Nigeria, Star Trek Star Quest)  His short film DIREC-TOH was shortlisted for the Eko International Film Festival and In-Short Festival sponsored by the Gothe Institute where DIREC-TOH won the award for best actor.
So here is the video! Party of Ministers. 


Who said stripes,polka dots, checks and colour cannot all match at once? If you do it correctly, It will look fashionable and sleek like these guys in the Video. 

See you next week everyone and I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did! 
Frozen Vanity xox

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