Monday, June 18, 2012

Stressed,Depressed but Well-Dressed.

Stressed,Depressed but Well-Dressed.

So I had my exhibition last night finally, and here are the photos! Sorry did not post on Friday, the pictures were on my USB and the USB was given to someone else and then was given to another person, so by Friday I didn't have it in possession, BUT now I do! I have to say the Exhibition took alot out of me, I was just so stressed, I put up all the pictures and props the day before, then the next day I had a call saying it was all taken down,I had to rush to the college and I just stood at my Exhibition space in horror,it was nearly empty. The teacher explained my work was powerful enough without all the props and that it spoke for it self but in my mind, I wanted what I originally planned!

So this is how I left my exhibition space the evening before... and this is what I came back too the next day.(Taken with my BB). I finally got it all sorted out again after hours of re-placing my images and getting it up to standard again.
Stressed Depressed but well Dressed.

This is the exploration between the body and the environment that surrounds us, as one can feel comfortable and overpowering, another can feel stressed and depressed. The images portray the relationship between the natural and the unnatural as society feeds us brands and even if we gag while eating, we will be force-fed. No choice.

This is a visual story of a lost wandering boy who’s desperate to embrace nature and an unaware lost wandering girl who embraces artificial inanimate objects; both raised in the polluted world of materialism, both trapped in an invisible cage.

We may be stressed or depressed but we will always be well-dressed, as society feeds us brands subconsciously and consciously.

Or in other words, It is a story about a boy who ran away from society and wants to be natural but the girl represents society which is full of unnatural things and is very powerful. She comes to the woods to find him and bring him back to society.

This is the Exhibition space.

I will not be blogging every Friday but I will try my best too since I have a lot to do and prepare for, but daily dose of inspiration will continue all the time! See you soon everyone and I hope you liked the images!

Frozen Vanity xox


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