Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lady Dior, Daily Dose of Inspiration.

Hello my dear Readers,  so I came across this documentary made by Dior not so long ago and wanted to share it with you, especially for those Dior addicts. There are 5 episodes here and they are very interesting I must say! Featuring French actress Marion Cotillard. she has been the face of Dior since 2009.

''The Lady Noire Affair, Lady Grey, Lady Blue, Lady Rouge, L.A DY Dior - since 2009, Marion Cotillard and the Lady Dior have shared top billing in five films shot by some of the biggest directors. Hollywood-level production values were utilized for works distributed uniquely online: a real first! Today, the house continues to innovate and the oscar-winning french actress is back, continuing her exploration of the world of Dior by visiting the ateliers and all the storied locations that comprise the House's singular history.'' - Dior.

Enjoy watching!

Episode 1.

Episode 2.

Episode 3.

Episode 4.

Episode 5.

Don't you just want to watch more? Unfortunately no more until they release the other 2 episodes!

Episode 6 and 7, Coming soon!

See you soon!
Frozen Vanity xox

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