Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Ladies and Gentlemen.
Hello everyone, It has been a while and I thought I would upload some new shots I have taken and of course I hope you like them.

Society has changed and women are gaining power and the suit is a symbol of power. No longer does soft and gentle exist solely in the realm of feminine. No longer does force and strength remain the property of masculine. My concept is masculinity in femininity and how in society it is perceived as crossing the boundaries and for others it is a way of expression. A slight gender reversal yet still keeping some aspect of femininity. The beauty of a woman is seen to die when she has an element of masculinity within her, the withering away of femininity. 

There are many factors that add to what we as individuals see as feminine or masculine. In some countries women in society now are generally free to dress the way they want, however not too long ago, a dress code for women was enforced quite naturally. Women were meant to look feminine; they were supposed to act feminine and be a woman, dresses, skirts, heels and fur coats and this ideology still remains in other parts of the world and have faded in some. Society has a big impact but so does religion. It is understandable why one would have specific views on women and men, because religion has told us what is a man, what is a woman, on top of what our parents and society has told us too. Some would consider a woman wearing masculine clothes is very normal, and some would consider it unacceptable.

One thing that I guess we all have in common is that we do tend to stereotype a woman that dresses masculine, as someone who could be gay or just has no feminine qualities within her. The question is…is it acceptable we think this way or are we wrong to think like this?
My take on this is that ever since we are little we have been told what a girl should look like, what a boy should look like and we take this to our adult life. A girl handed a Barbie or doll and covered in pink, a boy, given a toy car or action figure and covered in blue. It is quite bazaar to think, a piece of fabric categorizes us and puts us in different groups.

Our perceptions of masculinity and femininity are swayed by many factors that we have had no control over and also do have control over. My personal opinion on this subject is that I feel a woman should dress feminine and a man should dress masculine according to my definition of what I interoperate those words to be however mixing and matching is fine too. I have a fascination on mens wear so I incorporate it into my own style, still keeping an aspect of femininity too. But, that is just my personal opinion. 
There is no escape from stereotyping but what is crossing the boundaries in the way we dress to either be identified as masculine or feminine? Or is the boundary just imaginary?

See you soon!
Frozen Vanity xox

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