Sunday, October 21, 2012

ONE YEAR as Frozen Vanity.

ONE YEAR as Frozen Vanity.

Hello my lovely readers,

Today, last year was my first official post as Frozen Vanity. I can't believe I have actually been blogging for a year and a select few of you have been checking out my posts since day one too!

I will be honest with you, when I first started I did think I was going to get 5 views a month and I would literally just be talking to my self, I just would have never guessed in a million years readers from all around the world would be checking out my blog!

So I just wanted to say THANK YOU! To all those that supported me from the beginning, support me now and for those who have been on this 1 year journey with me! Thank you to those readers that check out my blog whenever they get chance too and Thank you to those who tell their friends about my blog, share my link etc and to those who actually read my long babbling posts and to those who are too lazy to read so they look at my photos instead. Thank you to everyone! *Looks down at you all in the crowd and stretches my hand out*

Well I am deleting my blog now, I just cant handle the pressure!.... Just kidding. So this is year 2 of
blogging and a lot of people have asked me to start writing more about what I tweet about, (Islam,politics,social issues, women ...etc) So hopefully I will be doing so... no promises! I have writers block all the time ( I know hard to believe when I type so much) but I am writers block in human form. If anyone else has any ideas, want their work on my blog or want to collaborate then please don't hesitate to contact me. I am always glad to help and be involved!

So I will shut up now and just say THANK YOU all again, I really appreciate you all taking the time to have a look at my Blog whenever I post!

See you soon!

P.s. I took moderation off my comments and activated it again BUT now all I get is spam so I might just stick to verbal feedback only.

Frozen Vanity xox

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