Monday, October 8, 2012

Daily Dose of Inspiration.

Hey everyone,

So I found this video and I thought it was really creative and so different! The photographer is Steven Meisel  and I absolutely loved it! Such a weird atmosphere overcame me as I watched the video.

I then looked at the images and I really felt they were a lot more meaningful when really looked at in depth. The project is called 'Face the future.' A lot of women cover up to feel more confident and beautiful.
When I looked at the images it made me think of women in society and how they seem to have a 'plastic' face over their own face to mask their real selves and personality. From make-up to needles, to tucks and extensions  we all have these ugly existences we seem to hide. The images when looked at are very disturbing in some way but it mirrors society and how it is quite disturbing how we don't see real people at all any more.

A truthful video by Gordon Von Steiner masking the interior existence behind style. It was filmed during Steven Meisel's cover story for the September 2012 issue of  Vogue Italia.

See you soon and definitely reflect on this approach Steven Meisel and Gordon Von Steiner has explored.

Frozen Vanity xox

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