Friday, November 18, 2011

No room for Misconception.

No room for Misconception.

Man: “How old are you?”
Me: “Over 18”
Man: “Oh then I bet you’re gonna be out this weekend down at the pub partying”
Me: “No actually I have college work to do and seeing my Godparents”
Man: (laughs) “Yeah yeah, common your over 18, I bet you’ll be getting out on the town”
Me: No I already told you, I’m seeing my family and have college work to do”
Man: Yeah sure *winks*

I get this on an occasional basis, where people automatically assume something about me before even knowing me but because I am over 18 or British, they think I must be doing what the majority do too.

 This has become quite problematic because I  myself work differently to others, I try to maximize my life in things that will benefit and encourage me to be a better person and do great things, so to know what people automatically associate me with is quite disturbing.  Society has changed dramatically in the last years and because I have spent the majority of my time out of the country I haven’t witnessed or experienced the changes, but I can see it now since I have been back. Drinking has become a daily thing, but not just any drinking, consuming high volumes so the next day you can’t remember a thing, but common' if you don’t, then all your friends will make fun of you and you will feel left out, drugs is just an everyday kick because if you don’t have it, then you’re just not cool and sex as many times as you can before your 18 because respect for your self doesn’t exist anymore. The problem is no one sees themselves falling into the stereotypical teen of this generation, but think they are being "free" I personally think they are creating a prison and locking themselves from all the great and inspirational things out in the wild and unpredictable world. 

Society now expects one to do certain things and act a particular way because that’s just what we all should do… well everyone else does it, so why shouldn’t I right? WRONG. We only live one life and we need to make the most of it, I know some will say ‘exactly we only live one life so let’s just get drunk and do everything wrong as life is too short to worry about the future’ but how long can one live like this without regret?

Technically speaking we conform because of fear. The fear of others rejecting us, disliking us or mistreating us either unconsciously or consciously. This is why everyone conforms and the ability to say no is not an option which I will talk about in future posts. I don’t get influenced as I as an individual has learnt to accept myself and say no to pressure and people. Without worrying what people will think of me, but for others to make their mind up before they have known me is just unsettling but it just proves the expectations of people in society.
I will never understand how some people can just be part of the crowd. How does one gain satisfaction from having an identity that is nearly identical to that of everyone else’s but when I know the answer I shall inform you all.

I could go on forever on this topic but I will talk more about it in future posts. I've had quite a busy week, I went to London for one day and it was a successful day although I didn't take many pictures because we spent a lot of time walking and I just can’t walk and click at the same time or else I would just be bumping into people. We set off in the morning and spent the day on Oxford Street and then headed to Trafalgar square where we visited a nearby portrait gallery which made me speechless as some of the work was just breath taking and so inspiring. So here are a few of the few snap shots of London I took, please excuse the lack of "photography" but enjoy the atmosphere.

Click to Enlarge the photos.

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I will be posting a few photos on Monday of the Bonfire night I went too a couple of weeks ago.

See you next Friday and have a good weekend!
Frozen vanity xox

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  1. lovely photos :)

  2. Sarah, I think your words are as good as your photographs and hopefully they will inspire other people your age to think about what they want from their lives, re-arrange their priorities and then just be themselves - Anne-Marie

  3. your photos are lovely. didn't get the chance to check them out when u first uploaded them. But amazing work Sarah. keep it up! xx