Friday, November 4, 2011

1st assignment - The interview

1st assignment - The interview

As most of you all know I started college and I was put in the 2nd year straight away. I was excited yet apprehensive as everyone in the class knew each other from the previous year and then there was just ME and they knew how all the assignments worked and the grading system etc. We got our first assignment and it was to create a magazine layout; we had to interview someone, take photos of them and then create the whole spread to fit into the style of a magazine we chose. We have had 6 weeks to do it which is plenty of time to research, take the photos and create the layout however 6weeks came by so quickly, by the time I knew it, it was already the deadline date. Of course the first magazine I thought of was Vogue and I had previously done a photo shoot with a boy called Jack so I decided to do the interview of him and take new photos.

I started off with research into the layout of Vogue and other fashion magazines and then analyzed why certain things were done and the whole idea about photo manipulation and Typography. Once I had taken the photos I had to explain how I edited them and evaluate each one. I in fact taught myself how to use Photoshop by clicking every single button there was and seeing what happened, it frustrates me to see someone complain they can’t do something when only if they tried then they would know. I know a lot of people who can Photoshop phenomenally but them telling me what to do just won’t help, I had to figure it out myself and expand from there. I’m not saying I am amazing at Photoshop but I do try my best, what the whole point of what I’m trying to say is don’t give up if you’re not as good as others or you don’t know how to do things, because there’s always someone in the world who might be slightly better but it’s for you to choose if you take it as a letdown or determination to be better. I have always loved Typography but I  actually have no idea about it or how to do it so I did a little bit of research on it and it took me about two hours to find the exact font I wanted to use but I got there in the end. I personally think it’s a good first attempt at making a magazine spread but I will leave it for all you to conclude your own opinions.

Here is the final Spread, and I also popped in a few photos that didn’t make it into the spread.

Whatever talent you have, just because someone might be better don't let it bring you down, just use it as motivation to develop and grow. I know there's  thousands of people who are way better than me at photography and Photoshop but i try my best because doing photography is something i love and the same should go for you all. Do it because you love it. 

 I know I’ve been posting between the Fridays posts, and a lot of people are asking me to do 2 posts a week, but let’s keep it to Friday and if anything pops up I will post randomly throughout the week.  I will be posting a new Photo shoot Video on Monday and on Friday you’ll be able to see the final shots!

See you next Friday for the full article and this Monday for the photo shoot video!

Frozen Vanity xox

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  1. I honestly loved what you've said there about learning photoshop, yes it's easy to teach people how to use their tools but when it comes to the real talent, there's no way someone could pass the knowledge of how to mix up colors together, or what fits into the layout, and at which point we have to just stop adding stuff into it. Learning it by 'yourself' is actually what creates the whole genre that you see yourself in, well, at least that's what I believe.

    One more thing, trust me when I say that it has never been about "who's amazing at Photoshop" 'cause if we look around lately, we're gonna realize that the most wanted/popular style right now, is the simple one! And when it comes to create something simple, everything starts from the taste, which apparently, a lot of people who are calling themselves "designers" are actually missing it.

    You, on the other hand, have done a very great work! I'm a very simple advertiser and I worked with hundreds of projects, including magazines, and I can tell that you've done such a wonderful job. I loved every tiny detail, the organized paragraphs, the photos, the model, his expressions, the overall colors (I mean seriously, purple and blue? Are you trying to kill me here?) and please don't get me started with the incredible layout that you've finally presented out there.

    I've never actually heard of you before, consider me a fan, and consider me a very jealous coworker that one day is gonna bring you down, or hopefully, work with you in a huge project. Good luck, dear. You've done such a great work, and I literally can't wait to enjoy your next post.

    P.S: Anna Wintour should hire you in a minute!