Friday, November 25, 2011

Children in Need

Children in Need

I was asked to photograph Children in Need, Blackpool, with three others in my class. Children in need is a huge event that happens once a year in November when all the big celebrities perform, singing, dancing and doing anything crazy to help raise money.
Children in need is the BBC’s UK corporate charity, and the public donate money to make a difference to the children of the uk who are less fortunate than others. So it was a privilege to be part of it, even if it was in Blackpool and not in Manchester were all the big stars go.

The evening started off by travelling on the train to Blackpool, and then waiting a very long time before the show actually started and consisted of slight confusion and impatience due to the fact the roles we thought we had, had been slightly changed but nevertheless it was sorted out. I was appointed backstage which is exactly what I wanted, I could have gone front stage but its just not my thing and I really don’t enjoy that aspect of photography where as others would prefer it, and the rest were appointed front stage. Backstage photography in my opinion is great as you can interact with the surrounding people and get lots of different shots where as front stage, it’s very isolating as everyone will get similar shots. The type of backstage photography I did was not what I expected as I wasn’t allowed into the dressing rooms, but had to take photos of the acts being interviewed which was actually fun as I still got to chat with them and it was something new I had never done before. The photos were very standard, stand, point and shoot but it gave me have an idea of what it was like shooting with my new flash gun and also thinking fast on the settings of my camera and flashgun.

After the event, the after party took place, again I took more photos using my flash gun at different settings, I went through about 8 batteries and another 4, then died on me, so I’m glad I was prepared or it would have been a disaster. The after party started about 12ish am, so you can imagine I was tired by then and it only finished at 2:00am then I had a 30minute drive back home. Finally got home at 3:00am exactly and fell asleep to only be woken up by my sister early morning waving my camera in my face shouting “ oh my goodness you took pictures of Fazer and Harry!”. Like seriously…bearing in mind I was there; I know who I took pictures of, I really didn’t need her telling me that after an extremely long night and only a couple hours of sleep. I tweeted about it and most people said they would’ve killed her, but once you’re woken up every day by her, you get used to it, like one may get used to being on a bus and only to have the person next to you with headphones in, but their headphones seem to be broken as the whole bus can hear the song their listening too.

I advise anyone who likes to photograph events to buy a flash gun; they are so handy and just really create a better look to the photos than using a pop up flash. You can buy the flash guns on Amazon or any camera shop. I bought mine from Amazon. If youd like to see the photos then click here.
 I met Parade, Steven Hall, Chaos Theory, 2 Bounce, Marlem Mckenzie, Fazer from NDubz, Tom Milner, Mark Henderson and Aaron Allard, Sam Clark, Girls next door ( funny story… the man said we had to interview the girls next door so we started gathering our things thinking they were actually next door), A1,Jodie Connor, Samantha, Kurk and Harry from The only way is Essex, and finally Dave Bowers.

Here are a couple of photos I took yesterday with 3 of the fashion students being the models as we collaborated with them. The aim was an anti fur campaign hence so much fur in the photos but I guess it looks the opposite and we had a limited amount of time to do the shoot but I hope you like the photos, I wanted them to look quite dreamy so i hope its given off that effect.

I recently finished my 2nd assignment from college, and I will be posting it up next Friday and a bit about what I did and what gave me the ideas since the title of it was “Inspired by…”
I also have a lot of ideas for photoshoots but its finding the time to do them, but i will be sure to do some soon!

See you next Friday and have a great weekend!

Frozen vanity xox

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