Thursday, July 11, 2013


See my Mosque is a project set up by Preston To Places to collate images of your local mosques or drawings, paintings or digital art of your dream mosque! 

Get your little brothers and sisters or cousins to get involved to design their own Mosque on paper and you can be involved too by taking photos of your local mosque or even designing one yourself!

We want you to hashtag #SeeMyMosque with the image and country or Email us at ! We want to collect as many images of Mosques and the best will be chosen for Harris flights Exhibition, later in August!

The exhibition will be a chance to showcase all the images and it will be a chance for non-muslims to discover more about Islam and ask questions. Many people ask what they can do for Islam, and this is one of those chances! 

See you soon and please take part! Send us Images of your Local Mosque or Design your own Mosque yourself!
 #SeeMyMosque! (on Twitter or Instagram) or Email:

Frozen Vanity xox

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