Monday, July 1, 2013

Preston To Places.

Hello to all my lovely readers! I have truly missed blogging and you all, and I shall now be prioritising my time for the things I enjoy and for my future too rather than focusing too much on trying to be the superhero. I have been in Beijing the past month and a photographic project called Preston to Beijing is currently being developed on Islam at one of the mosques I visited.

I want to notify you all about a new blog that is open for Muslims who are living in Preston, UCLan students and even out of Preston and also for you who are not muslims to learn more and ask questions! If you want to learn more about Islam and join in creative ways to raise money for those in need, please subscribe to the blog! At the moment it is focusing on Ramadan and hopefully will help you all!

Preston To Places.

Preston to places is a group of volunteers that document the life of different communities from around the world. As a voluntary organisation we believe capturing the lives of people will raise awareness of people who have been forgotten in rural parts of the world. Also, we want to educate people on the different communities and the diversity of Preston using Imagery, video and research. 

Our purpose is to inspire young people to take part in creative projects using imagery, video and writing to get one step closer to changing the world.

Our main aim is to help communities around the world who have been forgotten by providing them with sustainable resources through our creative projects. We are trying to link communities together from Preston to Places.

Our vision is to create love and friendship amongst communities. Also, educate and inspire young people to join and be part of this project. Its building bridges between the local community and people that have been forgotten around the world.

*Preston to Beijing and Preston to Palestine is currently in the making!*

Please Subscribe and also zines will be sold online where the money will go to communities in need, and we are always looking for volunteers to add a bit of creativity and flare to the projects! 

See you soon everyone!
Frozen Vanity xox

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