Monday, May 6, 2013

100's of versions of me.

Hello my lovely readers, I have started the Summer which means I back to blogging, writing and taking random photos! For the next few months, my photos will all be travel as that is what I plan to do. Enjoy and Enjoy the summer!

100's of versions of me.

I am not just me. I am hundreds of versions of me, in different peoples minds. I thought I was I, I thought I knew my self, only to find out... you knew me first, you knew me more. You are the map that made me lost, the map of my curious adventures. The map that led me astray.

And so you made me believe I was the only one. Wishing on that isolated star, only a wish to never come true. 

The space between you and I, like the waves of the ocean, in and out, back and forth. A constant parallel battle forcing closeness, forcing intimacy. Spilled words across the pale paper. Each word melting on my tongue. I am all 26 letters of the alphabet spilt across the page, forming poetry.

You and I, an old black and white film playing for the lovers. The wind carries our secrets meandering through the people that cross our path. Let it be the first day we met, over and over again. A never ending moment of bliss and tragedy.

I am your innocence in the morn, your guilt at eve. You are my tragedy, my hope. I am a hundred shadows, I am the voices that follow you. Uninviting thoughts, uninvited I. You are a hundred of I, I am not just I.

Cut the internal commentary.

I came face to face with my self. It was not the feeling of completeness one expected.

See you soon!
Frozen Vanity xox

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