Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Everything.

First Everything.

First year at uni, First book, First uni exhibition,First accomplishment.First Everything.

It felt like yesterday when I began university, and now... I have practically finished the first year! Time goes by so very fast, I begin to wonder what happened to all those seconds. Did I waste them? Did I use them wisely? Did I use them properly and effectively? Did I forget them and move on?

We must use our time wisely because we will never experience them again, and I think the worst feeling is looking back and longing for those moments and seconds back.

I often ask my self... When will I accomplish something? When will I actually create something that I am proud of and when will I be able to finally call my self a Photographer?

Well, I can finally answer two of the questions, I have accomplished creating my first book (Flower Bombs) and I am proud of it, because It is something I spent hours and days and weeks creating. It was not fashion, it was not just a normal documentary idea, but I felt I really created something that I personally was interested in. I still do not call my self a photographer, until I have reached what I think success is. One day.

The 1st year show will be on, and I my first book "Flower Bombs" will be there.

When: Tue 30 April.
Time: 5pm-7pm.
Location: Preston, University of Central Lancashire, Media Factory ME317.

If you happen to be in Preston come along and have a look at all the 1st years work! If not, I shall hopefully be launching my book (Flower Bombs) when I get everything sorted for final! 

Frozen Vanity xox

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