Monday, February 4, 2013


Hello everyone, I hope you are all well, إن شاء الله.

At uni we have been reading a book called 'the ways of seeing' by John Berger. I guess one could say after 7+ hours of reading, analysis and answering questions on chapter one, I can finally understand what once used to be code, now decoded into sense.

There was one argument in this chapter that was strong, and that was 'Seeing is an act of choice'. It is basically about if we either choose to see or we don't, I guess a few of you are all are wondering how can that be? 

Well. To make it simple. When flicking through a magazine, some women/girls will look at an image, and start aspiring to look like the woman in the advert, her luscious lips, her hair wavy full of volume, her thin waist and long legs etc. They look at this and believe this is real. Or, there are some women that will decode the image and look at the real fact it has been photo-shopped and it is an unrealistic ideal.

We must train our eyes to distinguish the truth from false and that comes with knowledge. Everything we see, we must question and decode.

We normally think a photograph is true, but is it really? We see so many images on the news but can we believe what they show us? Maybe they cropped or manipulated the image? Maybe it is only one side of the story? ... I will continue with this in another post, for now I guess think about it.

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Those were a few images I did for an experimental module, it was 'Self reflection.' My self reflections are all about depth and mysteriousness. I went around the streets at night, and used light and dark to create the mysterious atmosphere that are in the images. My face does not show, but I am present in the image. There is a lot going on in the image, in every corner and layer.

See you soon!
Frozen Vanity xox

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