Saturday, February 23, 2013

Daily dose of inspiration.

Daily Dose of Inspiration.

Hey Everyone,

So I have not done any inspirational posts lately, I guess because I have not found much that I really did love. Last night, a friend showed me some videos, we both are quite obsessed with lighting and the techniques at the moment so this was the main reason we loved a few videos.

Another video we came across was this one. We did not really enjoy the whole story line, but the video visually was just engaging and magical. The screen shots I have chosen were the shots we just thought would be perfect as images. So much effort has gone into this film, and you can definitely see it.


 One of the other videos we had seen was all done in one room, we loved how dark this video was, yet the dress colour complimented her skin so well, and the little fragments of light would shine through the curtain. Something so simple, natural light used, but so engaging and totally achievable by any ordinary person who is interested in film or photography.

A Poem for A- Roksanda Ilincic from Justin Anderson on Vimeo.

We had looked at quite a lot of videos, but these are the ones that I can remember. Light  if used wisely can make your work so much better and so much more interesting, artificial or natural, something beautiful can be made if you use light to your advantage.

See you soon!
Frozen Vanity xox

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