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An Interview with Mnawrah.

An Interview with Mnawrah.

I love discovering young new artists and how they approach creativity, especially in the Middle East. I came across Mnawarh when someone tweeted her saying '' I love your work'', I couldn't help but to check it out myself and I am glad I did! Her name is Aysha, from United Arab Emirates, Ajman and goes by the name of Mnawrah. She has flickr, devian art Tumblr and Instagram,@Mnawrah

  1. What’s the best thing about being an artist?/What’s the worst thing about being an artist?and why?
Best thing:
You can actually bring your imagination into reality and create whatever you want from scratch without facing significant struggles.

Worst things:
A lot of artists (including myself) suffer from two things, first: the “moodiness syndrome”, which is the main reason that prevented me of taking any Art courses at university OR having a main job that requires pure art in the future. And that reason also prevented me from having a stable business where I can take advantage of my Art skills!
The second worst thing of being an artist is the “lack of inspiration/creativity syndrome”: and that occurs  sometimes and it drives me crazy and desperate to have that blown mind idea for a new piece of art.

  1. How long have you been doing it for?
Well, I’ve been drawing since I don’t remember when. Since I was a child, I started with drawing and as soon as I got used to the adobe photoshop and the computer at 14 years old , I started designing and using the digital tools to do my art work.

  1. What inspired you to start?
I was so amazed and inspired by the programs I used to watch on the TV. I enjoyed watching Keif wo Laish on LBC and I used to LOVE the drawing time and I remember grabbing a piece of paper and copying what she draws on TV. I also used to draw the character I see on the TV such as Detective Conan. And Disney magazines! Oh my god! Those magazines were all over our house.
  1. Have you always been creative?
Well, I am a left-handed person since I was small, I remember that I was good at the art class in the school but I was too hyper as well.

  1. Do any artists influence you and why?
I cannot tell you that there is specific artist that influences me, I like to explore art from everyone everywhere!

  1. Who is your favourite artist?

  1. Do you normally sketch your designs first or work digitally first?
The best and more sophisticated works of mine were sketched by hand first.

  1. What has been your favourite project and why?
Well, I am currently working with @TheRabbitHoleAE project and I’m loving it! I’m working as the official graphic designer of them. Therefore, I tend to things along with drawing such as designing the ads, banners and other stuff.

  9. You are also a member of the rabbit hole AE...can you explain this in detail more?

The Rabbit Hole is a young Emirati project that sheds the light on the local designers of the GCC countries on how young creative mind can create some unique fashion statements. It is an organization that seeks to encourage young fashion designers to strive forward with creativity and individualism. The Rabbit Hole existence will focus in helping local brands to emerge instead of relying on exporting western brands. Our motto is “We Have What It Takes”.
And you can check them out on their Twitter : @TheRabbitHoleAE

10.What are you studying now and what are you hoping to achieve in the future?
I am studying in Zayed University, majoring in Integrated Strategic communications (Public Relations).  According to my profession career, I am looking forward to get a job in a government sector that has to do with my major. Completing my work with The Rabbit Hole project, and I might have my own project that I have not decided what It is about yet.

        11.What is the best piece of advice you can tell someone who wants to start Art? 
Keep practicing and exploring others work.

  1. What is your favourite quote?
Twitter by  @WomenOfHistory :
“A real Superman is not afraid to stand next to a Superwoman!”

I hope you all enjoyed the left handed Aysha Al Hamrani's work as much as I did and it is great to see young talent flourishing successfully. Over the past 2 years I have noticed a growth in young people and their creativity from art to fashion in the Middle East and I must say its amazing to watch and I can't wait to see what's next! 

See you soon readers!
Frozen Vanity xox

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